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IP: Japanese convenience stores role in ecommerce
From: Dave Farber <farber () cis upenn edu>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 14:36:45 -0700

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Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 20:50:35 +0900
To: farber () cis upenn edu
From: Adam Peake <ajp () glocom ac jp>
Subject: Japanese convenience stores role in ecommerce

Dave,   (for IP?)

The JapanNet mailing list <http://www.egroups.com/group/jpnet> is a useful
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Adam Peake
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From: "Ben Miller - ben () ben-miller com . . . . ." <ben () ben-miller com>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 18:37:26 +0900
Reply-To: jpnet () egroups com
Subject: JPNET = JaPan interNETwork ==>

The Konbini's Role in E-Commerce

In Japan, convenience stores - konbini- are set to play a
growing role in business-to-consumer E-Commerce. Since they
began sprouting up across Japan nearly two decades ago, these
(often tiny) stores have become increasingly sophisticated.
They have developed centralized computer networks to track
stock inventory, allowing operators to find out exactly what
sells, how quickly and where. In addition, most chains use
their computerized networks for payment collection services
for common household bills, including those for public
utilities, telephone, and courier delivery services.

Because of their established networks and customer base,
konbini seem well positioned to handle the bulk of the
E-Commerce process, including everything from accepting
orders to settling payments. This has attracted the
attention of trading houses, financial institutions and
other firms in different sectors. As a result, convenience
stores have formed numerous alliances and plans have rapidly
been drawn up for the stores to make use of the Internet in
order to serve as distribution points.

Seven Eleven Japan has teamed up with NEC, Nomura Research
Institute(NRI), Sony, Sony Marketing, Mitsui, Japan Travel
Bureau (JTB), and Kinotrope to create a new company that
will combine convenience stores and E-Commerce. Starting in
June, SevenDream.com will place terminals in convenience
stores and sell products through web sites designed for
mobile phone customers. Seven Dream will sell music, photo
services, gifts, digital books,travel services, and
financial services.

Meanwhile,CircleK had teamed up with Speed Group, Sunkus,
Softbank Investments, Hikari Tsushin, and Uni to create a
company called e-Convenience that will provide comparable
services. All major operators are hurriedly installing ATMs,
too, which will likely spur more spending.

Learn more about the konbini's role by visiting the
following links:


Computing Japan: Convenience stores boost Japan's wired economy


Asiaweek:The Konbini Life

ZDNet:Japan convenience stores battle for e-commerce business

(Note: these pages are mostly in Japanese with some investor
relations information in English)

am/pm Japan

Circle K

Family Mart


Seven-Eleven Japan



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