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IP: Re: Who Wants to Be a Monopoly?
From: Dave Farber <farber () cis upenn edu>
Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 13:44:08 -0400

Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 10:48:30 -0600
To: farber () cis upenn edu, ip-sub-1 () majordomo pobox com
From: Brett Glass <brett () lariat org>
Subject: Re: IP: Who Wants to Be a Monopoly?

At 08:03 AM 5/28/2000, Dave Farber wrote:


Who Wants to Be a Monopoly?
Beware the media moguls who hog both medium and message.

The author of this piece echoes a strategy which I've been advocating
for several years: separate control of monopoly infrastructure from
the services and content that "ride" upon it.

For example, if local telphone infrastructure -- the "last mile" --
were owned by a company whose sole business were renting that last
mile of wire, it would have a strong incentive to rent that
infrastructure to all comers rather than hoarding it so as to
provide vertically integrated services. We'd have friendly --
in fact, eager -- landlords rather than hostile monopolies seeking
to prevent competition. Ditto in the cable business: there would
be no issues regarding open access if the cable plant were open
to all comers.

The Federal Communications act of 1996 -- which was promoted, in
fact, by the ILECS -- was flawed in that it created an environement
in which it was not in the best interest of the most powerful players
to allow competition. And, alas, in which those players could quash
competition. It is time to learn from this failure and do the right

--Brett Glass

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