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Intel Plans to Own the World; Google laughs and laughs
From: David Farber <dave () farber net>
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 15:00:09 -0400

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From: Randall <rvh40 () insightbb com>
Date: April 6, 2006 1:08:27 AM EDT
To: Dave <dave () farber net>, Dewayne Hendricks <dewayne () warpspeed com>, JMG <johnmacsgroup () yahoogroups com>
Subject: Intel Plans to Own the World; Google laughs and laughs


Monday, April 03, 2006 at 12:01 AM EDT
Intel plans tera-scale computing

San Francisco - Understanding a new generation of future workloads that
can take advantage of processing capabilities well beyond those of
today's computers is a critical part of Intel's "Tera-scale Computing
Research Programme", which the company announced last week on the eve of
the Spring Intel Developer Forum.

 This research programme is a broad effort within Intel's research
community to develop future platforms that will deliver capabilities
well beyond those of today's computers.

 "Once in a generation an opportunity like this comes along to bring
dramatically improved computing benefits to millions of people," said
Justin Rattner, Intel chief technology officer. "The program's potential
is really for entirely new kinds of applications and, in particular,
applications that exhibit human-like characteristics."

 Analysis of future software tasks, or "workloads," would play a
critical, driving role in the direction of the research, Rattner said,
and he highlighted the areas of Recognition, Mining and Synthesis, for
which Intel uses the acronym "RMS" as being key applications for
tera-scale processor power.

RMS was a broad class of applications, Rattner said, citing the case of
computer vision, where "we like to point a camera or pair of cameras at
an object and recognise ... Then, once we can recognise it, we want to
compare this with a database of tens of thousands of images."

 That was the mining part, he said, adding that then we would need to
visualize this and to translate it to an object in space and time or to
evolve this object.

 Another example would be in financial analysis, to recognise a certain
financial behaviour, such as the way a certain stock was being traded,
or the behaviour of exchange rates or to mine thousands of transactions
for behaviour, he said.

RMS categorised a huge family of applications, the Intel CTO explained,
also citing an example that had emerged in a dinner discussion last Fall
that had brought a number of technology leaders together in San

 He noted that Google had spent a lot of time talking about language
translations so as to make a document in any language available in any
other, relying heavily on statistical techniques, which was another
example of a recognition task - being able to relate a piece of text in
one language to a piece of text in another.

 "Turning language translation approaches is to match patterns in
language... I took note of what he was saying," said Rattner, noting
that this had been a perfect "Era of Tera" computing example.
 Intel conducts directed research and exploratory or "off-roadmap"
research in conjunction with three universities in the United States and
one in Cambridge, England.


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