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more on Web Site Lets Anyone Create Fake Boarding Passes
From: David Farber <dave () farber net>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 10:06:23 -0500

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From: Jennifer Knight <jargonslinger () tampabay rr com>
Date: November 1, 2006 9:58:14 AM EST
To: dave () farber net
Subject: Re: [IP] more on Web Site Lets Anyone Create Fake Boarding Passes

From: john kemp <john.kemp () mac com>

  - Check that your ID matches your boarding pass, and that your ID
photo looks like you.

Actually, I've flown many times, crossing TSA security checkpoints for both international and domestic flights, and the fact is that my passport is in a different name than my boarding pass (I've married since the issue and the name change is stamped on the very back page of the passport). I hadn't even noticed this until I was discussing some of the issues commonly addressed on IP with my husband, we like to think about actual vs practical, or perceived vs effective security systems. So, it is absolutely not the case that my ID matches my boarding pass, so far as the quick glance of the TSA agent (without flipping to the back page) is concerned.

But I suspect this is no real or direct reduction in practical security. As many have stated, if we assume the security screen is effective, it matters little wrt security who actually passes through. I've always suspected that the reason the regulations limit such passage to people with boarding passes is a direct economic response to the increased security regulations. If it costs to allow people to pass, it makes sense to somehow limit passage, and in this case I have to admit, limiting passage based on a need to go basis is not unwise.

However, I am not privy to the "classified" knowledge that makes these increased regulations make sense, so my above argument does little to soothe my nerves. Also, I agree that making these fake passes easily available is as intellectually inspired and socially productive as quickly spraying ones sign on a piece of architecture; it is shock value schadenfreude.


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