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more on Video, YouTube, and the UCLA Taser Story
From: David Farber <dave () farber net>
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2006 21:22:42 -0500

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From: Rod Van Meter <rdv () tera ics keio ac jp>
Date: November 18, 2006 7:33:26 PM EST
To: dave () farber net, Lauren Weinstein <lauren () vortex com>
Subject: Re: [IP] Video, YouTube, and the UCLA Taser Story
Reply-To: rdv () tera ics keio ac jp

[Dave, for IP if you wish.]

The only thing we know for sure in this regard is that there has
been a seismic shift caused by these technologies, and the sooner
we start to seriously consider the implications, the better off
we'll all be.

Indeed.  I highly recommend David Brin's _Transparent Society_, in which
he argues that corporations and governments *will* find a way to acquire
and use many types of data on us (financial, transportation/movement,
video), and therefore attempts to preserve our privacy need to be
tempered with a pragmatism as to what's achievable.  He argues that we
are better off attempting to make sure that, as individuals, we have as
much information about them as they have about us -- what are they doing
with our information?  Who will watch the watchers?

Whether or not you agree with Brin, I think it's an important point in
the rhetorical space, and worth thinking about.  (And, of course, a
single paragraph hack job does no justice to Brin's overall argument.)


But as two of the most seasoned pros in this area, you have probably
both already read it...still, a recommendation for others on IP...

Here in Japan, the privacy debate is really just starting; various
businesses now have to give out privacy statements.  But, in general,
Japan comes down firmly on the societal need side of this equation.  If,
for example, someone came up with a system to instantly report which
houses in a neighborhood were occupied and which were empty, I suspect
it would be implemented here quickly and with little debate.  It would
be so incredibly useful in disasters.  (For example, earlier this week
we had a big tsunami scare; the authorities asked more than 100,000
people to leave their houses and move to higher ground, but apparently
only hundreds did.  Fortunately, the tsunami was knee-high (it did more
damage in California than here, and reached Chile, even), but if it had
been a big one...)


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