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Re: VAX Unix and TCP Flag Day
From: David Farber <dave () farber net>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 10:16:46 -0400

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From: Chris Kantarjiev <cak () dimebank com>
Date: August 20, 2008 10:12:33 AM EDT
To: mo () ccr org
Cc: dave () farber net
Subject: Re: VAX Unix and TCP Flag Day

boy - we be geezin' tonight!


We had two 780s; one was running the 4.1 Gurwitz code for CSNET,
and used (what must have been) the RAND/Greep front end for a while.
The other was running 4.1b and then c; they were both on a Pronet
ring (with the magic switch box) and one of them had a DEUNA. The
4.1b/c machine was used for the IP-over-X.25 development - I'm
not sure that we ever released an X.25 "driver" for the Gurwitz
TCP code, but we might have.

Once we were able to get semi-reliable SMTP via TCP, we dumped
the NCP front end and loaded that 11/34 with a BBN-supplied IP
gateway and got off NCP completely. I remember doing that over
semester break before the flag day...

The really embarrassing part of this whole story is that our IMP
got installed and sat idling, just passing traffic on its 56k
links for about four months before we hooked up an LHDH - I finally
got fed up one day with the tantalizing spectre of network
connectivity and did it over a weekend, because it seemed that
no one else was going to!

I spent many pleasant hours poring over the TCP code, just as I had
the Lions books a few years before that :-)


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