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Tuesday, 31 January

China-Based Hackers Target Law Firms InfoSec News
DARPA-Funded Hacker's Tiny $50 Spy Computer Hides In Offices, Drops From Drones InfoSec News
Breaches, like history, repeat themselves InfoSec News
Cybersecurity report: All countries lag behind the bad guys InfoSec News
FDA staffers sue agency over surveillance of personal e-mail InfoSec News

Monday, 30 January

Hey, RSA Conference: Hands off #BSidesSF InfoSec News
U.S. Intel Chief: Insider Leaks A Top Priority InfoSec News
European Union proposal could foil U.S. hacker probes InfoSec News
Students busted for hacking computers, changing grades InfoSec News
Researchers unearth more Chinese links to defense contractor attacks InfoSec News
Facebook's Reward for Bug Hunters InfoSec News
Railroad Association Says Hack Memo Was Inaccurate InfoSec News

Thursday, 26 January

DHS disputes memo on purported railway computer breach InfoSec News
Re: The digital hacktivist InfoSec News
IT pros say data breach assessment is more valuable than notification, study says InfoSec News
DOD to allow Android on classified networks InfoSec News
Symantec advises users to turn off PCAnywhere in hack aftermath InfoSec News
Newt Threatens China and Russia With Cyberwar InfoSec News
Royal Canadian Navy officer charged with espionage InfoSec News

Wednesday, 25 January

10K Reasons to Worry About Critical Infrastructure InfoSec News
Microsoft Names Alleged Botnet Operator Behind Kelihos InfoSec News
Linux vendors rush to patch privilege escalation flaw after root exploits emerge InfoSec News
Navy faces crushing demand for information warfare systems InfoSec News
The digital hacktivist InfoSec News

Tuesday, 24 January

Hackers manipulated railway computers, TSA memo says InfoSec News
U.S. Government Online Security Website Hacked InfoSec News
Cameras May Open Up the Board Room to Hackers InfoSec News
Google ups ante for Chrome hack at revamped Pwn2Own InfoSec News
Is SSL Cert Holder ID Verification A Joke? InfoSec News
Secunia Weekly Summary - Issue: 2012-03 InfoSec News
Solar flare blasts radiation storm toward Earth InfoSec News

Friday, 20 January

Hoping to Teach a Lesson, Researchers Release Exploits for Critical Infrastructure Software InfoSec News
Feds cuff coder accused of US bank source code swipe InfoSec News
NSA Releases SE Android With Better Sandboxing, Access-Control Policies InfoSec News
Anonymous retaliates for Megaupload shutdown, attacks DOJ, others InfoSec News
Oracle CPU Contains Lowest Number Of Database Fixes Ever InfoSec News
Barclays: 97 percent of data breaches still due to SQL injection InfoSec News
Decade-Long Virus Infection Discovered InfoSec News

Tuesday, 17 January

Oracle to issue 78 patches, including 27 for MySQL InfoSec News
Hackers disrupt Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and El Al InfoSec News
Zappos coughs to HUGE data breach InfoSec News
The Sea Shepherd's cyberwar InfoSec News

Friday, 13 January

Managing information security during an innovation void InfoSec News
Re: Stratfor relaunches site; CEO accuses attackers of censorship InfoSec News
Military Networks ‘Not Defensible,’ Say s General Who Defends Them InfoSec News
Get ready to push some paper for cloud moves InfoSec News
Malicious Software Attacks Security Cards Used by Pentagon InfoSec News
Secunia Weekly Summary - Issue: 2012-02 InfoSec News
NHS fined £375k after stolen patient data flogged on eBay InfoSec News

Thursday, 12 January

Is Your SCADA Vulnerable to a Cyber Attack? Call 1-800-USA-0DAY InfoSec News
Rare Legal Fight Takes On Credit Card Company Security Standards and Fines InfoSec News
Stratfor relaunches site; CEO accuses attackers of censorship InfoSec News
China Not The U.S.'s Only Cyber-Adversary InfoSec News
Hackers post Israeli SCADA logins InfoSec News
Feds Refine Cloud Security Standards InfoSec News
South Korean soldiers targeted by hackers InfoSec News

Wednesday, 11 January

Certified Ethical Hacker Ankit Fadia Hacked by TGH InfoSec News
Microsoft patches critical Windows drive-by bug InfoSec News
12 detained or punished over fabricating massive leak of online personal data InfoSec News
How To Prevent An Illicit Data Dump InfoSec News
Father's attempt at parental control resulted in hacked German police system InfoSec News

Tuesday, 10 January

SEC Push May Yield New Disclosures of Cyber Attacks on Companies InfoSec News
More Patient Data Risks, Lawsuits Predicted In 2012 InfoSec News
Israel Likens Credit Card Breach to Terrorist Act InfoSec News
Smart meter SSL screw-up exposes punters' TV habits InfoSec News
Getting the most out of automated IT security management InfoSec News

Monday, 09 January

"Learning from Authoritative Security Experiment Results" (LASER 2012) Workshop Call for Papers InfoSec News
Hackers expose defence and intelligence officials in US and UK InfoSec News
Credit card hacker denies Israeli blogger unmasked him InfoSec News
Hacked memo leaked: Apple, Nokia, RIM supply backdoors for gov't intercept? InfoSec News
DISA OKs secure Android mobile system for DOD InfoSec News

Friday, 06 January

Keith Little, 87, president of Navajo Code Talkers group InfoSec News
Skype becoming favourite tool for criminals to communicate InfoSec News
Saudi hacker threatens to expose details of another million credit cards InfoSec News
Obama’s New Defense Plan: Drones, Spec Ops and Cyber War InfoSec News
New Denial-Of-Service Attack Cripples Web Servers By Reading Slowly InfoSec News
Secunia Weekly Summary - Issue: 2012-01 InfoSec News
Microsoft plans big January Patch Tuesday InfoSec News

Thursday, 05 January

Kevin Mitnick's secret weapon for avoiding jail InfoSec News
FBI's Beleaguered Sentinel Project Delayed Again InfoSec News
ANZ E*Trade outage actually DDoS attack InfoSec News
Re: Govt working on defensive cyberweapon / Virus can trace, disable sources of cyber-attacks InfoSec News
Latest SQL Injection Campaign Infects 1 Million Web Pages InfoSec News

Wednesday, 04 January

Cyber spies try probing U.S. drone plans InfoSec News
Murder retrial ordered after court records destroyed by virus InfoSec News
Saudi hackers claim 400,000 Israeli scalps InfoSec News
Stratfor - Lessons Learned InfoSec News
Govt working on defensive cyberweapon / Virus can trace, disable sources of cyber-attacks InfoSec News

Monday, 02 January

Why India NEEDS to tackle cyber terrorism InfoSec News
VP Binay's website hacked on New Year's Day InfoSec News
Hackers may have accessed Gordon Brown's emails InfoSec News
Risk professionals in high demand in UAE banks InfoSec News
Stratfor hackers publish email, password data InfoSec News
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