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Friday, 30 August

The NSA has its own team of elite hackers InfoSec News
Feds Charge Wall Street Traders With Code Theft InfoSec News
All your passwords belong to us InfoSec News
Is This the 19-Year-Old Leader of the Syrian Electronic Army? InfoSec News
Medical lab allegedly exposed customer info on P2P, claims it was the victim InfoSec News

Thursday, 29 August

City of London police plans new industry reporting system to tackle cyber-crime InfoSec News
Computer Security History Workshop - Call For Papers InfoSec News
Hacker points Syrian telecom website to AT&T, T-Mobile InfoSec News
Amazon 'wish list' is gateway to epic social engineering hack InfoSec News
Obama's Free to Bomb Syria but Is Limited on Cybersecurity InfoSec News

Wednesday, 28 August

Cybersecurity And Privacy Specialists In Short Supply InfoSec News
Times Site Is Disrupted in Attack by Hackers InfoSec News
Twitter Breach Hits Cyber Education Director Who Formerly Ran the Federal E-Gov Office InfoSec News
Hacker Pleads Guilty to Selling FBI Access to U.S. Supercomputers InfoSec News
Getting The Most Out Of A Security Red Team InfoSec News

Tuesday, 27 August

China suffers major DDoS attack on .cn domain InfoSec News
US Cyber Offense is "The Best in the World" InfoSec News
Hackers may cash in when XP is retired InfoSec News
How Snowden did it InfoSec News
Contractors Are Now Using Encrypted Calls and Texts for Legal Advice InfoSec News

Monday, 26 August

The Pentagon as Silicon Valley's Incubator InfoSec News
Personal data of 4M patients at risk after Advocate burglary InfoSec News
6 officers to join hacking contest InfoSec News
Tesla Model S vulnerable to hackers? InfoSec News
FBI still needs Hector "Sabu" Monsegur, sentencing delayed (again) InfoSec News

Friday, 23 August

Is Windows 8 a Trojan horse for the NSA? The German Government thinks so InfoSec News
DoD Hires IBM Exec To Boost Industry Cybersecurity Program InfoSec News
True story behind Joburg’s online security problems InfoSec News
To Be A Board Member InfoSec News
My Dinner With NSA Director Keith Alexander InfoSec News

Thursday, 22 August

Chang Wanquan: Hacker actions never supported by Chinese military InfoSec News
Data Triage For The Boston Bombing: How Beth Israel Deaconess Protected Patient Records From Hackers, Journalists, And Curious Doctors InfoSec News
Bank man: System's down, let's have coffee. Oh SNAP, where's all the CASH? InfoSec News
Man in Underpants Partied in German Government Jet for Angela Merkel InfoSec News
How the VA deals with data breaches InfoSec News

Wednesday, 21 August

Intel bakes super-snooper to stop industrial espionage InfoSec News
FDA Issues Guidelines On Wireless Medical Devices InfoSec News
Groklaw shuts down rather than risk feds snooping through e-mail InfoSec News

Tuesday, 20 August

7 IT security skills certifications on the rise InfoSec News
The dangers of QR codes for security InfoSec News
The CISO shouldn't be the defender of security: Gartner InfoSec News
Cyber attack could be next shock to UK banks, warns KPMG InfoSec News
Security Community Raises Money for Researcher Snubbed by Facebook Bounty Program InfoSec News

Monday, 19 August

U.S. to help India face new security challenges InfoSec News
Teaching children to hack safely InfoSec News
Computer expert hacks into Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page to expose the site's vulnerability after his security warnings were dismissed (...they're taking it seriously now though) InfoSec News
In classified cyberwar against Iran, trail of Stuxnet leak leads to White House InfoSec News
U.S. Dept. of Energy reports second security breach InfoSec News

Friday, 16 August

Think tank wants dedicated infosec minister, 'modern' data retention InfoSec News
A New 'Dawn' in Exchanges' War on Hackers InfoSec News
Re: Five healthcare security training expert tips InfoSec News
Cracking suicide: hackers try to engineer a cure for depression InfoSec News
DISA plans analytic cloud; looks to NSA's model InfoSec News
Rise in data breaches drives interest in cyber insurance InfoSec News

Thursday, 15 August

Five healthcare security training expert tips InfoSec News
Researchers explore underground market of Twitter spam and abuse InfoSec News
Android SecureRandom Bitcoin wallet vulnerability could be used to hack more than 300, 000 apps InfoSec News
Microsoft delivers early warning with latest Patch Tuesday InfoSec News
New Cyber Incident Response scheme from GCHQ InfoSec News

Wednesday, 14 August

Whatever Happened to DDoS Phase 4? InfoSec News
N.Korea's Vast Cyber Warfare Army InfoSec News
Former DHS deputy secretary launches cybersecurity council InfoSec News
Site flaw puts patient data on Google InfoSec News
The threat from cybercrime? 'You ain't seen nothing yet' InfoSec News

Tuesday, 13 August

PHI Breach for Major Eye Care Group in Northern California InfoSec News
They're ba-ack: Hacker gang that infiltrated NYT for months returns (fwd) InfoSec News
How security smart is Generation Y? InfoSec News
Admins warned: Drill SSL knowledge into your Chrome users InfoSec News
Attend the 22nd USENIX Security Symposium or Attend the Embedded Device Security Conference InfoSec News

Monday, 12 August

MacDill intruder arrested inside Colorado Army base InfoSec News
Lavabit's closure marks the death of secure cloud computing in the US InfoSec News
A Travel-Hack Mystery: How Can You Redeem Stolen Airline Miles? InfoSec News
Meet the mysterious Mr. th3j35t3r InfoSec News

Friday, 02 August

How safe is minors' patient data from hackers? InfoSec News
Researchers reveal details of active 'Comfoo' cyberespionage campaign InfoSec News
Snowden picks up 'Epic 0wnage' gong in Vegas... well, not literally InfoSec News
Hacker Forces Colin Powell To Deny Affair InfoSec News
One in ten PINs can be correctly guessed first time: Research reveals the most used numbers, with 10% of us STILL using 1234 InfoSec News

Thursday, 01 August

A breakthrough in cryptography could thwart a favorite attack of hackers InfoSec News
New Free Service Cracks Weak Passwords InfoSec News
North`s Trojan horse penetrates South through open doors InfoSec News
Buffeted by New Disclosures, NSA Chief Defends Surveillance Programs at Black Hat InfoSec News
UK cyberdefence strategy fixated on top-down security, say MPs InfoSec News
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