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Friday, 31 January

EXCLUSIVE - CSEC used airport Wi-Fi to track Canadian travellers: Edward Snowden documents InfoSec News
Yahoo resets passwords after email hack InfoSec News
Target Hackers Tapped Vendor Credentials InfoSec News
Clinkle Gets Hacked Before It Even Launches InfoSec News
New questions about patient privacy at North Country Hospital InfoSec News

Thursday, 30 January

Security 101 fail: 3G/4G modems expose control panels to hackers InfoSec News
New Clues in the Target Breach InfoSec News
GoDaddy Admits Hacker's Social Engineering Led It To Divulge Info In @N Twitter Account Hack InfoSec News
Critical infrastructure hack data found in public domain InfoSec News
Indian hackers deface Pakistani sites in response to cyberattacks InfoSec News

Wednesday, 29 January

Trustwave Demonstrates Malware That Logs Touchscreen Swipes To Record Your PIN InfoSec News
Forget hackers: Squirrels are a bigger threat to America's power grid InfoSec News
Navy cyber warfare chief is Obama's pick to lead NSA InfoSec News
Boost to U.S.-Japan cyberdefense slated InfoSec News
"Honey Encryption" Will Bamboozle Attackers with Fake Secrets InfoSec News

Tuesday, 28 January

No second chance for Stephen Glass: The long, strange downfall of a journalistic wunderkind InfoSec News
After Target, Neiman Marcus breaches, does PCI compliance mean anything? InfoSec News
Coca-Cola Laptop Breach A Common Failure Of Encryption, Security Basics InfoSec News
Cops cuff alleged email hackers in GLOBAL bust InfoSec News
Lockheed-Martin to invest in Israeli cybersecurity know-how InfoSec News

Friday, 24 January

Neiman Marcus Data Breach Worse Than First Said InfoSec News
How To Protect Your Personal Information Online InfoSec News
[CTF] nullcon HackIM 2014 will start at 24-01-2014, when the clock will strike at 11:59 (+5:30 GMT) InfoSec News
The U.S. Crackdown on Hackers Is Our New War on Drugs InfoSec News
FIC 2014: French defence minister calls for unified front against cyber crime InfoSec News

Thursday, 23 January

Elusive hacker Guccifer arrested in Romania - report InfoSec News
TrustyCon vs. RSA and NSA: New conference pushes trustworthy agenda InfoSec News
As Target breach unfolds, information vanishes from Web InfoSec News
Your Biggest Cybersecurity Threat Isn't Coming From the Outside InfoSec News

Tuesday, 21 January

BlackBerrys Will Make Up 98% of Mobile Devices on New DOD System InfoSec News
Target Got Hacked Hard in 2005. Here's Why They Let It Happen Again InfoSec News
Top 'good guy' hackers to tackle biggest cyber challenges yet InfoSec News
Two coders closely tied to Target-related malware InfoSec News
Internet users ditch "password" as password, upgrade to "123456" InfoSec News

Friday, 17 January

UK critical infrastructure at risk from SCADA security flaw InfoSec News
Someone's refrigerator just took part in a malicious cyberattack InfoSec News
Documents and plans relating to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter have been recovered from shipping containers destined for Iran InfoSec News
HealthCare.gov riddled with flaws that could expose user data, experts say InfoSec News
ATMs Face Deadline to Upgrade From Windows XP InfoSec News
Breach at Neiman Marcus Went Undetected From July to December InfoSec News
Cyber Security Challenge CEO hits back at KP MG’s 'lack of credible candidates' claim InfoSec News

Thursday, 16 January

Tech Security Upstarts Enter Fray InfoSec News
Business 'complacent' about cyber crime and terror risks, says Aon InfoSec News
Encrypted messaging startup Wickr offers $100K bug bounty InfoSec News
So You Found An Obamacare Website Is Hackable. Now What? InfoSec News
A First Look at the Target Intrusion, Malware InfoSec News
Oracle spoils your day with NEARLY 150 patches InfoSec News
Huawei denies US compromised equipment security InfoSec News

Wednesday, 15 January

State Auditor Edelen backing cyber security bill InfoSec News
North hackers target national security network InfoSec News
Hacker compromises patient and firefighter information InfoSec News
Target to invest $5M in cybersecurity ed program InfoSec News
N.S.A. Devises Radio Pathway Into Computers InfoSec News

Tuesday, 14 January

New cyber-attack model helps predict timing of the next Stuxnet InfoSec News
Target hackers have more data than they can sell InfoSec News
THOUSANDS of UK.gov Win XP PCs to face April hacker storm... including boxes at TAXMAN, NHS InfoSec News
Hackers could compromise car safety InfoSec News
Hacking group's threat to Winter Olympics in Russia highlights risk of cyber-attacks on sponsor InfoSec News

Friday, 10 January

OWASP terminates marketing agreement with RSA Conference. Board member cancels class out of protest. InfoSec News
Zero-Day Flaws Found, Patched In Siemens Switches InfoSec News
Security firm offers 1 million yen grant to nurture young computer buffs InfoSec News
India's poll panel declines Google voting services offer over security concerns InfoSec News
Despite claims, Iranians didn’t hack Isr aeli aviation system InfoSec News

Thursday, 09 January

Omnicell data breach suit dismissal: Healthcare ramifications InfoSec News
Teen Reported to Police After Finding Security Hole in Website InfoSec News
NIST Paid $16,500 for Space at Now-Boycotted RSA Conference InfoSec News
Infosec experts boycott RSA conflab over alleged 'secret' NSA contract InfoSec News
"Guccifer" Files Further Detail Hacking Spree InfoSec News
Nvidia takes customer site offline after SAP bug found InfoSec News
Lindsay Lohan 'fears nude photo leak' after laptop is stolen InfoSec News

Friday, 03 January

FireEye Computer Security Firm Acquires Mandiant InfoSec News
Time for a U.S. Cyber Force InfoSec News
NSA seeks to build quantum computer that could crack most types of encryption InfoSec News
How to be notified that your password has been stolen InfoSec News
4-year long HIPAA breach uncovered InfoSec News
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