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two things
From: lists at syn-recon.net (lists at syn-recon.net)
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 17:16:55 -0500

Two quick things,

first, hows 3 comin along, any predictions about when it will be 
released (late summer, fall ?) Looking forward to it of course :)  Since 
  3 is ruby based i take it the exploits need to be rewritten in ruby 
also ? Or is just the console being redone in ruby ?

Second, was a bit bored this weekend so I hacked up a quick nmap 
"exploit" that lets you use nmap from within the framework.  Thought it 
might come in handy for people other than me , so feel free to grab it.


And for our kiddies on the list that have been having issues lately 
there is usage instructions at http://www.fragtheweak.net/word/.  The 
tutorial even shows how to use a l33t tool called wget to download the 
module right into your exploits directory! :P

Take it easy guys!


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