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Problem with meterpreter
From: chaines at gmail.com (Chuck Haines)
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 10:28:17 -0500

Well, I know this isn't pretty, but I have figured out a hack to get
it to work.  If you locate the section where the stdapi is loaded
(where is does the require (clirb)) and get rid of the check, it
works.  stdapi is loaded just fine.  I know this gets rid of the
checking, but as a temporary solution till I can figure out more, it
works.  It seems the issue is something to do with require not
returning true, even though it loads the file just fine.  I'm not
entirely sure why this is.

BTW, this is the newest svn version (well as of like 10am EST yesterday).


On 2/13/07, Vedran V. <vedran-v at net.hr> wrote:
Loading extension stdapi...[-] Failed to load client script file:

I'm running Ubuntu 6.10 with ruby 1.8.4.  If you need anything else
from me, plese let me know.

Hello, you have exactly tha same problem and same distro & ruby I have :)
I tried a large number of metasploit versions, from 2.7 to the current cv including the one today
but without luck :(

I think it's a dependency/version issue, but still cannot figure it out :( The error message is not
of great help :(

Please let me know if you get it work :)


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