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hack technics
From: myx at amex.ro (myx at amex.ro)
Date: 13 Feb 2007 22:26:07 +0200

On 2/13/2007, "auto17350 at hushmail.com" <auto17350 at hushmail.com> wrote:

Disclaimer: Hpoefully, you all will believe that I'm not provoking
a flame war.

On Tue, 13 Feb 2007 06:43:22 -0600 myx at amex.ro wrote:
...Today hacking becomes more and more money based...
Latest phising metod(s) ? Simple. Pose as a script kiddie in one...

Do not try it at home or at work. Start from reading (see below).

One is to POSE, another think is to do what a script kiddie is doing or
whatever...Information, from any sources means knowdlege.
And yes..i'm trying this at work. (posing) Because is part of my work:).

On 2/12/2007, "lord maximus" <gangstified at gmail.com> wrote:

...Hacking in my own opinion, is a state of

Please look up standard definitions of the word. You are calling
"hackers" either governmental/industrial/corporate spies, or common
criminals, or petty law offenders that use, between all, computer
technology, or computer professionals that specialize in security.
Please leave mass-media drivel out of a professional list.

For the good explanation of what computer hacking stands for and
what it _does_not_, please head to excellent information from such
fine magazines as "2600", "Blacklisted 411", "Phrack Magazine" and
_even_ CSO (Chief Security Officer) Magazine. Sourceforge.net is
mandatory, too.

As YuriG (cheers and Z"L) was used to say, "Makin' a killin' don't
make u a warrior. "

Hmm, a little truth here. Myabe "hacker" is too much. But it was used
as a general term. Discution was not about what hacker means. But, call
them as you want. Criminals, spies, kids at home
mafia, and so on.
Hacking a computer don't make you a hacker, but you can go in jail for

And btw, no flame used here and no animal hurt :) . Just a point of view.

Leonardo Joicaliuc
Network Security Systems

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