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Re: when introduced delay in exploit?
From: slow_ at mail.ru (Vlad Rasputin)
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 03:57:48 +0300


I think you should be more worried about the exploit blocking actions of the IPS more so than the traffic buffering 
time delay. Any traffic buffering time delay from any networking intermediary should be minimal and as long as the TCP 
stream isn't interrupted this should have no effect on exploit success.

I answered based on my interpretation of your inquiry, which wasn't all that clear so sorry if I misunderstood.

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From: "M.P.Sairam" <msairam at intoto.com>
To: framework at metasploit.com
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 11:51:42 +0530
Subject: [framework] when introduced delay in exploit?

I am a new to this exploiting and i am working on framework 2.7, if I 
introduce any delay in exploit script at the position after the 
exploit pattern is sent, how does it effect the exploit can any one 
please explain. I am Using backupexec_agent exploit as an example. If 
IPS is used then there will be some small delay in transmission of 
packets then if IPS buffers the packets which contain the URL's then 
exploit is not succeeding even though the IPS is not detecting the 
exploit, how can I overcome such cases?

Thanks ,

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