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From: one.miguel at gmail.com (one.miguel at gmail.com)
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2007 16:15:34 -1000

What's happening is that you're machine is waiting for connections to
port 8080.  Your victim machine would need to open a connection to in order to get exploited.  I suggest reading
through the metasploit manuals and reading the exploit writeups:

msf > info winamp_playlist_unc

On 2/24/07, Pierrick Plamondon <plamon at damas.ift.ulaval.ca> wrote:

 OK maybe it is way I get this message... But, also I tried to install
winamp 5.12 from there

 Then you can see what I did here :

 msf winamp_playlist_unc(win32_exec) > show options

 Exploit and Payload Options

   Exploit:    Name        Default      Description
   --------    --------    ---------
   optional    REALHOST    External address to use for
redirects (NAT)
   optional    HTTPHOST    The local HTTP listener host
   required    HTTPPORT    8080         The local HTTP listener port

   Payload:    Name        Default    Description
   --------    --------    -------
   required    EXITFUNC    process    Exit technique: "process", "thread",
   required    CMD         dir        The command string to execute

   Target: Winamp 5.12 Universal

 msf winamp_playlist_unc(win32_exec) > exploit
 [*] Waiting for connections to

 Then, nothing happens. Is it normal? I would expect a little message saying
the exploit worked and what it did, I don't know.

 I was told by a professor to prepare some simple examples of exploits for
his students to try...



 Simple Nomad wrote:
 Are you actually running an IMAP server on your system?

On Sat, 2007-02-24 at 18:52 -0500, Pierrick Plamondon wrote:

 My windows firewall is turned off. I don't have any anti virus. The IP
I put in the RHOST setting is mine. My windows version is XP SP2
English. I really don't see what's wrong.


H D Moore wrote:

 The error is a generic response when the exploit could not connect to the
host specified by the RHOST setting. Make sure that the RHOST system does
not have a firewall (or at least allows RPORT) through.


On Saturday 24 February 2007 14:00, Pierrick Plamondon wrote:

 use mdaemon_imap_cram_md5
 set RHOST MY_IP_ADDRESS // I put my IP address here
 set TARGET 0
 set PAYLOAD win32_exec
 set CMD dir // here I don't really what to write.
 exploit // then I get the error message Error creating socket:
Connection failed: Operation now in progress message

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