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msf book
From: a10n3.s7r1k3r at gmail.com (Kashif Iftikhar)
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 09:40:18 +0000

It might be a good idea to agree on a table of contents first and then
let people from the list contribute to the book. The book should have
varying levels like:

Part 1. Installation and Basic concepts
Part 2. Usage (msfcli, msfconsole and msfweb)
Part 3. Understanding metasploit's design
Part 4. Writting exploits, recon modules and plugins

   This way users that feel they can write good material on a specific
topic regarding MSF can contribute to that part. This, in my view,
will help us get a basic book up fairly quickly explaining different
parts and usage of metasploit. For more advanced topics the devs and
main contributors could help us out and they won't have to explain all
the small stuff.


On 3/18/07, Alexander Sotirov <asotirov at determina.com> wrote:
Kim Guldberg wrote:
I have played around a little with the idea of writing the book as a
community effort, and  not knowing a lot about Wiki and the other
suggestions I took my lead form the fact that text can be used in any

If you have a desire to help Metasploit by writing a book, why don't you start
submitting patches for the official user's guide?



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