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LogLevel in msf3
From: a10n3.s7r1k3r at gmail.com (Kashif Iftikhar)
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2007 16:09:55 +0000

I have tried using msfcli and msfconsole and it doesn't seem to effect
anything in these interfaces also. Looking at occurrences of the word
LogLevel in the source code it seems that it isn't used in any of the
exploit modules or anything else.

There are some references to DebugLevel in vncdll's history.txt file.
My question is how does LogLevel displays output. If it is on the
exploit writers to use it then currently none of them seem to be using

Is it that this is a feature in the TODO list and has not yet been
implemented anywhere?

- Kashif.

On 3/25/07, Fabrice MOURRON <fab at revhosts.net> wrote:
Hi Kashif,

For gtk2, it's, not yet implemented.


Le 25 mars 07 ? 12:55, Kashif Iftikhar a ?crit :


 I have been trying to get LogLevel to work on msf3 but it doesn't
seem to provide any extra output. Can anyone shed light on how
LogLevel works? There is no additional output or less output for
LogLevel setting 0-3. I can't find it creating any log file either. is
LogLevel a feature that is to be used in msf3 later? I couldn't find
many references to LogLevel in msf3 source either.

grep -r "LogLevel" *

= Msf::Ui::Web::Driver.new({'LogLevel' => 5})
data/msfweb/config/environment.rb:$msfweb      =
Msf::Ui::Web::Driver.new({'LogLevel' => 5})
documentation/.svn/text-base/users_guide.tex.svn-base:  \subsection
Binary file documentation/.svn/text-base/users_guide.pdf.svn-base
Binary file documentation/users_guide.pdf matches
documentation/users_guide.tex:  \subsection{LogLevel}
lib/msf/ui/web/.svn/text-base/driver.rb.svn-base:               level
= (opts['LogLevel'] || 0).to_i
lib/msf/ui/web/driver.rb:               level = (opts['LogLevel']
|| 0).to_i
lib/msf/ui/gtk2/.svn/text-base/driver.rb.svn-base:              level
= (opts['LogLevel'] || 0).to_i
lib/msf/ui/gtk2/driver.rb:              level = (opts['LogLevel']
|| 0).to_i
msfgui:                 opts['LogLevel'] = val
msfweb:                 opts['LogLevel'] = val

 Any clues?

- Kashif.

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