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Metasploit on FreeBSD (and a couple of other questions)
From: hdm at metasploit.com (H D Moore)
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 12:42:14 -0600

On Wed, 2009-02-25 at 12:04 -0500, Jim wrote:
1. Does anyone have msfgui working on i386 FreeBSD?  The Ruby 
installation is driving my crazy because of the version specific 
requirements and the missing zlib bug in 1.8.6.  Mfsconsole works
fine, but I'd like to use the gui sometimes.  Any tips or pointers?
(Or if you have a URL for a copy of i386/FreeBSD zlib around, I'd
appreciate it.

Can't help you there; the MSFGUI requirements are a mess because of
gnome and gtk versioning issues, even on "supported" platforms we get
random crashes depending on GTK versions. You may be better of using
msfweb as a GUI for FreeBSD.

2. I'd like to explore writing exploits for Metasploit.  Google gives 
about a million results.  Are there any really good, comprehensive
sites for learning about this?

There is nothing comprehensive; no published book really covers
metasploit 3, but you can check the wiki books project:

3. After looking at SuSe, Ubuntu, Fedora, and FreeBSD for my
pen-testing platform of choice I settled on FreeBSD mainly because
wireless support  seemed to be the most mature.  Was that a mistake?
I'm not trying to start a religious war, but is there an OS that is
generally regarded as the best for running the tools we use that often
need to do strange things?  (Metasploit, dsniff, aircrack, etc etc

Linux-based is probably your best bet, especially for tools like
aircrack. I would recommend Ubuntu/Debian variants, especially the new
BackTrack 4 Beta, which is preconfigured with all of the kernel patches
and tools you might need (its Ubuntu based and maintainable now).



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