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client-side exploitation over the internet
From: Wasim Halani <wasimhalani () gmail com>
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2010 18:35:23 +0530

Hi all,

Is it possible to create MSF payloads in a manner so that it is able to
'connect back' over the NAT.
My scenario is as shown below.

Victim----- Firewall ---- Internet----- ADSL_Router(NAT) -----Attacker

I am currently using a reverse shell embedded in a PDF (CVE 2010-0188)
I have given the router's public IP as the LHOST for the payload and my
internal IP as the LHOST for the multihandler.
This normally wouldn't be the proper values (both LHOSTs should match)
I tried to port-forward to my internal system. It didn't work.
But is there any other way to get this working.

If this is not possible, can anyone suggest a mechanism which will help me
identify (uniquely) if a victim machine has been
compromised (even if I don't gain access to it).

Thanks !
To keep silent when you can say something wise and useful is as bad as
keeping on propagating foolish and unwise thoughts. -- Imam Ali (p.b.u.h.)

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