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How to connect to databases other than sqlite3?
From: Andrea Grandi <a.grandi () gmail com>
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2010 01:21:26 +0200

Hi all,

I've just started playing with Metasploit framework. I've configure my
netbook (Asus EeePC 1005PE) following this howto:
and I'm able to create a "Free Wifi" hotspot where my phone (a Nokia
N900) can connect without any problem.

My problem is making metasploit work. After some problems
creating/connecting to sqlite3 database (using this file
http://metasploit.com/users/hdm/tools/karma.rc I modified the first
lines and created the database externally.

Anyway when I start it, metasploit says that sqlite3 has lot of
issues, it could works but even not ecc.... infact at the end I don't
see anything new in the database, so I suppose I'm having problemi
writing to the database.

I'd like to try MySQL instead of sqlite3, but I cannot find any
documentation in your website so I don't know how to modify the .rc
script to connect and write to the database.

I've another question now: let's suppose I'll be able to wite to the
MySQL database, what kind of data I'm going to find there? If I can
understand well, Metasploit should be able to collect any kind of
credentials, for example if I try to connect to Skype, MSN, VOIP,
Facebook ecc... from my N900, I sould find those data in the database,
is this right? How do I analize the data I collected?

Thanks for your help.


Andrea Grandi
email: a.grandi [AT] gmail [DOT] com
website: http://www.andreagrandi.it
PGP Key: http://www.andreagrandi.it/pgp_key.asc

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