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Re: Noob questions
From: Pedro Ribeiro <pedrib () gmail com>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2014 10:28:54 +0100

Msftidy is awesome, thanks.

Also thanks HD for the detailed info , very useful.

One final question before I submit my pull request - the ARCH_X86
architecture exploits also work for Windows x64 right?

Incidentally, on the PR questions, we've got a short do's and dont's here:


Just FYI. tools/msftidy.rb should catch most super common naming / style
convention mistakes (things like the underscores in names, etc).

On Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 3:21 AM, Pedro Ribeiro <pedrib () gmail com> wrote:


I have a few questions for which I couldn't find the answer online...

What is the privileged flag? The documentation says it should be used when
privileges are required to run the exploit. Is this on the local metasploit
side, or on the server side? And if on the local, how do I know if an
exploit requires privileges?

With regards to the payload size, is it possible to specify it as one of
the options? The reason being that the exploit I'm preparing is reliable
with smaller payloads, but one shot when using a larger payload.

Finally, regarding the commit "etiquette", can I rename modules in pull
requests? The reason being that there is another module which is named
productName_vulnerability, and the module I want to contribute exploits the
same flaw in the same product but for later versions and using a different
method. I was thinking about naming both productName_method_vulnerability.
I've also made a few changes to the existing module to make it work in more
versions, so my pull request would not be only the rename and the new

Thanks for your help!



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