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The North American Network Operators' Group discusses fundamental Internet infrastructure issues such as routing, IP address allocation, and containing malicious activity.

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Re: NIST NTP Server List Brian Christopher Raaen (Oct 30)
Still acting up for me this morning.

Re: Seeking VPS providers for low volume network probe Justin (Oct 30)
I've used several off this list https://www.exoticvps.com/

Re: Industry standard bandwidth guarantee? Jimmy Hess (Oct 30)
Yes... however, that's actually an industry standard of implying
higher performance than reality, because end users don't care about
the datagram overhead which their applications do not see they just
want X megabits of real-world performance, and this industry would
perhaps be better off if we called a link that can deliver at best 17
Megabits of Goodput reliably a "15 Megabit goodput +5 service"
instead of calling it a...

Re: Industry standard bandwidth guarantee? Justin M. Streiner (Oct 30)
...and many different carriers have different definitions of "congestion".
Some carriers might have several definitions of the word, depending on the
service you have and which group you happen to be speaking to that day.

It's pretty much impossible to guarantee bandwidth on an inter-carrier
packet-switched link.


Re: Seeking VPS providers for low volume network probe Karsten Elfenbein (Oct 30)

did you have a look at https://atlas.ripe.net/ ?
They have two types of probes that are already in place.

Best regards

2014-10-29 21:05 GMT+01:00 Eric Germann <ekgermann () cctec com>:

Re: Industry standard bandwidth guarantee? Carlos Alcantar (Oct 30)
For access side (home users) we have slightly over provisioned there
circuits, to minimize the "I¹m paying for 20 why am I getting 19" type of
calls. Provision them out to 25 they get 23-24 on there speedtest
everyone is happy.

Carlos Alcantar
Race Communications / Race Team Member
1325 Howard Ave. #604, Burlingame, CA. 94010
Phone: +1 415 376 3314 / carlos () race com / http://www.race.com

Re: Seeking VPS providers for low volume network probe Mark Tinka (Oct 30)
On Thursday, October 30, 2014 12:41:55 AM Jim Popovitch

For eastern and southern Africa, there are reasonable
peering locations that could help fix these problems.

But the issue is not that a handful of providers prefer to
route everything through London, but that the majority of
service providers and mobile networks in Africa prefer to
buy capacity into Europe, than from local service providers
selling IP in Africa.

The reasons...

Re: Industry standard bandwidth guarantee? Matthew Walster (Oct 30)
​I've always found it useful to refer to this:



Re: Industry standard bandwidth guarantee? Ben Sjoberg (Oct 30)
That 3Mb difference is probably just packet overhead + congestion
control. Goodput on a single TCP flow is always less than link
bandwidth, regardless of the link.

Re: Industry standard bandwidth guarantee? Rafael Possamai (Oct 30)
I'd say if there's a strong financial reasoning (or greed some times)
behind a complaint, it will be brought up, otherwise shouldn't it be all
based on civil talks and agreements anyway?

RE: Industry standard bandwidth guarantee? keith tokash (Oct 29)
I'm sorry I should have been more specific. I'm referring to the *percentage* of a circuit's bandwidth. For example
if you order a 20Mb site to site circuit and iperf shows 17Mb. Well ... that's 15% off, which sounds hefty, but I'm
not sure what's realistic to expect.

And beyond expectations, I'm wondering if there's a threshold that industry movers/shakers generally yell at their
vendor for going...

Re: Industry standard bandwidth guarantee? Valdis . Kletnieks (Oct 29)
On Wed, 29 Oct 2014 15:24:46 -0700, keith tokash said:

How are you going to come up with a standard that covers both the uplink from
Billy-Bob's Bait, Fish, Tackle, and Wifi, where a fractional gigabit may be
plenty, and the size pipes that got clogged in the recent Netflix network
neutrality kerfluffle?

And where your PoPs are (and how many) matters as well - if you have a peering
agreement with another carrier, and you exchange...

Re: Seeking VPS providers for low volume network probe Jim Popovitch (Oct 29)
+1 for RamNode (AS3842). I have several VPS'es from them, very very
stable, awesome Support. Other nods go to OneAsiaHost (AS24482) in
Singapore, and RansomIT (AS45177) down under. All three of those
providers fundamentally understand BGP/peering.

As for Africa... I use the RamNode Netherlands to provide coverage to
Africa. I spent the past year and half trolling the African VPS
marketplace, and while there are excellent providers, the...

Industry standard bandwidth guarantee? keith tokash (Oct 29)
Hi *, sorry if this has been answered, I did look.

Is there an industry standard regarding how much bandwidth an inter-carrier circuit should guarantee? Specifically I'm
thinking of a sub-interface on a shared physical interface. I've not thought much about it but if there's a more
generally-accepted guideline than, "when the customers start leaving / when you leave," I'm at least 5% ears.


Re: .mil postmaster Contacts? Mark Andrews (Oct 29)
Well the servers for DISA.MIL are not EDNS compliant, they drop
EDNS version 1 queries and unless you are running a experimental
nameserver which expects EDNS version negotiation to work it shouldn't
be causing you issues yet. Otherwise the lookups of the MX records

There is no good reason to block EDNS version 1 queries. All it
does is break EDNS version negotiation.


In message <20141029150034.GA25731 () esri com>,...

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