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The North American Network Operators' Group discusses fundamental Internet infrastructure issues such as routing, IP address allocation, and containing malicious activity.

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Re: IPV6 Multicast Listener storm control? Rob Seastrom (Sep 23)
Richard Holbo <holbor () sonss net> writes:

OK, well one comment in my previous email will sound stupid (not
enough coffee yet) but the upshot remains: more subnetting.


Re: IPV6 Multicast Listener storm control? Rob Seastrom (Sep 23)
Richard Holbo <holbor () sonss net> writes:

This configuration is reminiscent of my back lawn. It probably grew
organically, has been neglected for a period of time, and it's going
to require a bit of effort to tame it and bring it under control.

You probably don't have the option of blocking horizontal layer 2
traffic like the WISP guys do, and even if you were able to get away
with that it brings its own set of downsides to...

RE: IPV6 Multicast Listener storm control? Naslund, Steve (Sep 23)
We have seen the same issue with Lenovo devices. They all seem to have a variety of Intel chipsets. We have not found
a good solution other than updating drivers and/or shutting down ipv6 which we really don’t want to do but it is easier
to automate that than to automate the driver update. I will be interested in seeing what anyone else has come up with
to kill these off. In our case, the biggest issue is wireless clients that show this...

Re: IPV6 Multicast Listener storm control? Mikael Abrahamsson (Sep 23)
If the packets are sent to ff02::1, then this will be sent to all ports
even with MLD snooping turned on.


"In IPv6, the data forwarding rules are more straight forward because
MLD is mandated for addresses with scope 2 (link-scope) or greater.
The only exception is the address FF02::1 which is the all hosts
link-scope address for which MLD messages are never sent. Packets
with the all...

IPV6 Multicast Listener storm control? Richard Holbo (Sep 23)
(originally posted to wispa ipv6 list, and someone there mentioned that
folks here might have some suggestions, so apologize if you are a member of

I am seeing issues with IPV6 multicast storms in my network that are fairly
low volume (1-2mbit), but that are causing service disruptions due to CPU
load on the switches and that the network is a Point to MultiPoint wireless

I have about 500 IPV4 clients on a vlan served by Cisco...

Re: Saying goodnight to my GSR Larry Sheldon (Sep 22)
That's the kind of waving I like to see.

Re: Saying goodnight to my GSR Larry Sheldon (Sep 22)
Whew! I was afraid I was the one who thought so anymore.

Re: Saying goodnight to my GSR Ken Matlock (Sep 22)
Ha! I'd say that's an upgrade for the BCN! ;-)

I still have nightmares about Site Mangler, and conflicting versions
between it and the BCN/BLNs.....


RE: Saying goodnight to my GSR Justin M. Streiner (Sep 22)
Reminds me of a kegerator I saw many moons ago, made out of a hollowed-out
Wellfleet BCN ;)


Twitter appears inop Jay Ashworth (Sep 22)
I'm getting various 403 messages on tweets about "looks automated", from
Tweetcaster and the Web UI, both over Sprint LTE from Tampa; anyone else
seeing this?

Retrieval seems ok; the web UI loads fine too. Appears internal.

I would notify them, but Twitter is down.

-- jra

RE: Saying goodnight to my GSR Jim Devane (Sep 22)
They make great fish tanks in their second lives, although uptime stats are more "general recollection" for me now.


-----Original Message-----
From: NANOG [mailto:nanog-bounces+jdevane=switchnap.com () nanog org] On Behalf Of Drew Weaver
Sent: Monday, September 22, 2014 10:58 AM
To: 'Matthew Crocker'
Cc: 'nanog () nanog org'
Subject: RE: Saying goodnight to my GSR

The best thing...

RE: Saying goodnight to my GSR Drew Weaver (Sep 22)
The best thing about having GSRs around is trading them in for ASR 9900s.

The freight is a ding, though.


-----Original Message-----
From: NANOG [mailto:nanog-bounces () nanog org] On Behalf Of Matthew Crocker
Sent: Saturday, September 20, 2014 10:19 AM
Subject: Saying goodnight to my GSR

Has been running for a while, time to shut 'er down. She (is a router a she?) used to handle all of my BGP GigE links
but over the...

RE: IP Geolocation Issue Jose Damian Cantu Davila (Sep 22)
Thanks to everyone for the advise and the information.

Already got in touch with someone of Maxmind.


-----Original Message-----
From: Rob Seastrom [mailto:rs () seastrom com]
Sent: domingo, 21 de septiembre de 2014 10:22 a.m.
To: Alex Wacker
Cc: Jose Damian Cantu Davila; nanog () nanog org
Subject: Re: IP Geolocation Issue

Good luck with that. My past experience with them (while not as bad as dealing with certain fast-n-loose...

RE: Saying goodnight to my GSR Justin M. Streiner (Sep 22)
I might have a Cat5505 or two on our out-of-band management network with
uptimes that approach this.


RE: Saying goodnight to my GSR David Hubbard (Sep 22)
Got you beat by nine weeks with a Foundry 9604. :-)

#sh ver
SW: Version 03.3.01aTc1 Copyright (c) 1996-2004 Foundry Networks, Inc.
Compiled on Feb 01 2005 at 11:21:12 labeled as FES03301a
(2057881 bytes) from Primary foundry-FES/FES03301a.bin
Boot Monitor: Version 03.2.00Tc4
HW: Stackable FES9604
Serial #:
330 MHz Power PC processor 8245...

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