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The North American Network Operators' Group discusses fundamental Internet infrastructure issues such as routing, IP address allocation, and containing malicious activity.

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Re: Muni Fiber and Politics list (Jul 24)

I would go a little farther. Certain market/MBA/investor types see
engineering as a "risk" to which a business case has to be formed and
accepted. PR et al is considered "damage control", and sometimes gets
lumped in with advertising and such. The Powers That Be think "going to
the mat" is a more sure way to protect their profits, bonus, and jobs
than risking their life on the actions of those weird,...

Re: Muni Fiber and Politics Doug Barton (Jul 24)
No, the problem is that those companies don't define "the problem" the
same way that we do. :)


Re: Netflix To Cogent To World Matthew Petach (Jul 24)
Any discussions among some subsets of those
named entities that may or may not have ever
occurred may have quickly stumbled across
and decided that colluding to form such a cartel
might potentially be a Bad Thing(tm), at which
point those discussions which may not have
indeed ever happened instead adjourned to
the bar for much safer forms of discourse.


Re: Muni Fiber and Politics Scott Helms (Jul 24)
The problem is marketing/spin/lobbying is both cheaper and more effective
in most scenarios.

Scott Helms
Vice President of Technology
(678) 507-5000

RE: DDoS mitigation Equinix? Kate Gerry (Jul 24)
Have you checked out Staminus? It's run by Matt Mahvi (a constant NANOG attendee). We have a customer that uses
Staminus and they have done great.

Re: Netflix To Cogent To World Jimmy Hess (Jul 24)

Probably noone....... at least not without compromising and first
peering with Netflix.

It would be interesting if Google, Wikimedia, CBS/ABC, CNN, Walmart,
Espn, Salesforce, BoFa, Weather.com, Dropbox, Paypal, Netflix,
Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Yahoo, Ebay, Wordpress.com,
Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, Forbes, Zillow, formed a
little club and said

"OK, Tier1.. providers.. we're not paying you guys for...

v6 adoption Mark Allman (Jul 24)
A shameless flog as it seems like it could be of interest to some

We have been assessing v6 adoption from a bunch of angles lately. We
have written up a paper on the results of our analysis that will be
presented next month at SIGCOMM. This is an update and extension of the
analysis that Mike Bailey presented a few NANOG meetings ago. The paper

Jakub Czyz, Mark Allman, Jing Zhang, Scott Iekel-Johnson,
Eric Osterweil,...

Re: Muni Fiber and Politics John Osmon (Jul 23)

I've seen that exact scenario happen in rural New Mexico. The Co-op
members wanted dial-up access, and couldn't get it. They asked the
co-op board to build an ISP, and they did. They weren't great at the
job, but no one else was putting in access ports within the local
calling area.

A few years later, we bought their customer base. The co-op was happy
to sell to someone that "did Internet for a living." We...

Re: Muni Fiber and Politics Larry Sheldon (Jul 23)
In California in the 1960s Pacific had tariffs for un-francised
territories for "toll stations" and "farmer lines"--the later often
terminating at a small cord board.

I recall taking a clearance from a repairman as "somebody left the gate

Re: DDoS mitigation Equinix? Abuse Contact (Jul 23)
I actually use GigeNET at the moment for DDoS protection and they're
terrible. Their trigger detection is terrible at picking up attacks and my
attack is barely ever mitigated because of it.

Re: Muni Fiber and Politics Rich Kulawiec (Jul 23)
I would love to see Verizon invest the resources (both financial and
personnel) that are being deployed to update their blog, lobby Congress,
lobby the FCC, astroturf, issue press releases, etc. in actual real
live engineering that would -- and I know this is a ridiculous concept,
so bear with me -- fix the root cause of the problem.


Re: Muni Fiber and Politics Jared Mauch (Jul 23)
I would love to see the process improve here. Ratios are one way to measure value, but when networks are dissimilar
it’s hard to compare them.

Regional ASN vs Global ASN, wholesale vs consumer vs enterprise vs CDN and datacenter all make a difference.

I’m wondering if the change at vz when it comes to upload:download ratio is going to cause broader changes in the
marketplace. I suspect it will and those in the US consumer/SMB space...

Re: Muni Fiber and Politics Blake Hudson (Jul 23)
William Herrin wrote the following on 7/23/2014 3:33 PM:

I would love to see the Verizon blog response on that...

<best Verizon voice> There appears to be no congestion within the
Verizon network, but there is congestion in this little red area where
the Verizon user connects to the Verizon network. The Verizon customer
has failed to negotiate reasonable commercial terms that allow him or
her to send traffic to Netflix at the...

Re: Muni Fiber and Politics William Herrin (Jul 23)
Anybody else think peering ratios miss the point? Netflix is
theoretically in a position to have their app generate empty
back-traffic at a rate that maintains any necessary peering ratios,
but surely Verizon would scream bloody murder if they did.

Bill Herrin

Re: Muni Fiber and Politics Shawn Morris (Jul 23)
What responsibility does Verizon have to maintain this ratio? Are they
being faithful to the agreement when they make no effort to compete in
the wholesale market? What content players buy transit from Verizon to
reach networks other than Verizon's?

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