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Re: MAE-East
From: "William Allen Simpson" <bsimpson () morningstar com>
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 95 03:19:41 GMT

From: feldman () MFSDatanet COM (Steve Feldman)
Please send me traceroutes and ping output showing the problems.
Samples when things are working would also be good as a baseline.

I'd like to see if we can correlate the problems to congestion on
the shared FDDI, or if something's really broken.

You know, it never ceases to amaze me that no matter how much anecdotal
evidence is given from however many responsible sources, the answer is
"oh, that can't be right, give more data".  Even now that we have scads
of data, it is declared not to be the right kind.

I've posted (to various lists) my traceroute and ping statistics, and
each time the conditions were challenged.  No, I don't monitor the
mae-east link directly, and cannot tell what _kind_ of data is present.

But, I POP3 my 150K of email 3-4 times a day over the appended route. My
software reports 1-5% retransmission loss during nights, 5-10% weekends,
and 20-40% during weekday afternoons.  It can take half an hour to move

MCI and PSI blame each other.  But, there's no excuse why they don't
peer a little closer to here, since I can point to the few city blocks
they are apart!

If you want a really good a measure, instead of ping try running NTP
over the links in question.  It gives a very accurate measurement!
And I've observed 40% loss peaks there too!

Ping reports the loss to appear between and
(the names of the hops in between has changed several times in the past
few months without any apparent change in service).  Here's a baseline,
late Sunday night:

Recording Mon Oct 23 03:42:19 1995
Resolving ....
  1:      pm001-03.dialip.mich.net. (3 ms) (3 ms) (3 ms)
  2:      pm001-aa.mich.net. (184 ms) (244 ms) (181 ms)
  3:       e-neithernet.c-ccb.umnet.umich.edu. (179 ms) (240 ms) (180 ms)
  4:     fdd3-0.michnet1.mich.net. (183 ms) (233 ms) (181 ms)
  5:   cpe2-fddi-1.Chicago.mci.net. (178 ms) (233 ms) (175 ms)
  6:     border2-hssi2-0.Chicago.mci.net. (186 ms) (239 ms) (181 ms)
  7:     core-fddi-1.Chicago.mci.net. (186 ms) (234 ms) (194 ms)
  8:     core1-hssi-2.NorthRoyalton.mci.net. (240 ms) (194 ms) (242 ms)
  9:    core1-hssi-3.WestOrange.mci.net. (267 ms) (359 ms) (262 ms)
 10:     core2-aip-4.WestOrange.mci.net. (254 ms) (266 ms) (200 ms)
 11:    core2-hssi-2.Washington.mci.net. (244 ms) (269 ms) (266 ms)
 12:    borderx1-fddi-1.Washington.mci.net. (212 ms) (227 ms) (209 ms)
 13:   mae-east-plusplus.Washington.mci.net. (275 ms) (268 ms) (272 ms)
 14:  mae-east.psi.net. (268 ms) (230 ms) (205 ms)
 15:       (233 ms) (267 ms) (273 ms)
 16:      (277 ms) (274 ms) (308 ms)
 17:    volitans.MorningStar.Com. (334 ms) (765 ms) (281 ms)
traceroute done: normal (Unreachable Port)

Bill.Simpson () um cc umich edu
          Key fingerprint =  2E 07 23 03 C5 62 70 D3  59 B1 4F 5E 1D C2 C1 A2

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