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Re: Info on MAE-EAST
From: Nathan Stratton <nathan () netrail net>
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997 10:47:51 -0500 (EST)

On Fri, 17 Jan 1997, Alec H. Peterson wrote:

The reason MAE-east and MAE-west have grown so much is because they
are located in areas where there is lots of traffic flowing.  The
popularity of peering points has almost nothing to do with the
interconnect costs, those are peanuts to most companies.  Why on earth
would I drag a DS3 n-thousand miles to some city that doesn't have any
traffic flowing to/from it?  I wouldn't, because it would be a waste
of money.

You would not, but most providers have DS3 or OC3 to Atlanta anyway, so it
is not a lot to extend a 0 mile DS3 or even OC3. Also Florida is one of
the fastest growing ISP markets in the US and it is MUCH better to go to
Atlanta-NAP to exchange traffic then to go to MAE-East or MAE-Dallas.

Also, I daresay MFS has substantially more experience in selling
access to and operating peering points than you do, as they've been
running the two biggest ones for years, and obviously haven't had any
problem whatsoever selling access to them.  The newer MAEs might not

Ya, and most of them will work for me, I get so many calls form MFS people
it is not even funny. I don't know what is going on over there, but they
want to jump.

have all that many connections into them yet, but the pricing of the
connection to the switch is not the limiting factor.  It's the tens of
thousands of dollars for the DS3/OC3 to the colo point.

Well I am not saying Erols should drop a DS3 to Atlanta-NAP, you need to
connect to the NSF NAPs first. Atlanta-NAP is not the place for people
like you who just sit off MAE-East and buy transit from other ISPs that do
that same. It is more for people who have a nationwide network and would
like to spend a little money to exchange traffic in Atlanta and not bring
it all to MAE-East.

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