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Re: [nsp] known networks for broadcast ping attacks
From: Steve Nash <snash () blizzard lightning net>
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 00:35:24 -0400 (EDT)

Ok i would like to clear this all up.  First off,  That is not my sig.
The time this was sent i was out of the office,  my computer was locked
down, and there was only my BOSS in the office.  The rest of the night we
were at TGIF eating.  Reid left and then 2-wayed me that "I" was dead
because of this email that I had sent.  The Sig, TIME and all wrong.  The
person who did this was probably pissed at my email earlier about how
smurf.c got out.

So once again to clear this up,  this was not me and hope that I havent
offended anyone here!

If you have any questions,  please email me back and not to the list...its
about time i install pgp! :)

a very pissed off Steve Nash
Systems Engineer / Security Administrator
Lightning Internet Services LLC
snash () lightning net

On 31 Jul 1997, Michael Shields wrote:

In the future please be careful not to leave your terminal logged in.

Sorry if my previous posts confused some people [regarding ICMP].  Let me
just state right now that I wanted all of NANOG to know how 31337 I am for
knowing the author of a ping flooder.  This certainly puts me in the category
of "in the know"! () #   Also, I figured I would dispell my vast knowledge and
experience regarding ICMP; since I know none of you here have any idea at
all what that is.  What would you all do if I wasn't here to mentor you all?

For those that aren't lucky enough to know --  I go by MayTrickZ on IRC, and
I have t0mbs of knowledge regarding the WaR3Z underground.  What I know could
fill the pages of a comic book so beware! () #

MayTrickz "Has anyone seen my IRC server?" d00d

+! () #!@#! () #!@#! () #!@#! () #!@#! () #!@#! () #!@#! () #!@#! () #!@#! () #!@#! () #!@#! () #!@#+
| Every ISP on the NET needs a WaReZ d00d, for LIGHTNING, I'm it!  |
| Steve Nash, snash () lightning net                   MayTrickZ () IRC  +
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Shields, CrossLink.

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