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Re: Suspension of reissuing deleted domain names (fwd)
From: "David J. Schmidt" <davids () on-ramp ior com>
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 97 12:03:58 -0700 (PDT)

   Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 11:38:23 -0400 (EDT)
   From: Edward Fang <edfang () visi net>
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   I think the reason NSI took the position they did was because these
   companies re-register the domain after non-payment once it is released
   back into the pool (probably repeatedly, and thereby causing the 'tens of
   thousands of requests').  I think the only way to stop this type of action
   is for NSI to require guaranteed payment on registration (account, credit
   card, etc).  The grace period given is too generous and allowing this type
   of ridiculous speculation.


I agree with the above.  Payment should probably be made before the
domain goes live into the root servers.

Another way to stop the mail floods of multiple people wanting the
same domain is to have an open registration period of a day or two
after a domain expires.  If more than one party sends in a
registration for a given domain with that open period then the domain
is awarded by lottery or sealed bid.

As long as all interrested parties know that they have an equal chance
at a domain they won't need to send in a registration every few
seconds to see if they can get the "first come, first served" domain.

I would restrict the award of the domain to only those parties that
have a legitimate use for the domain itself.  In other words, if
I am doing business under a name then the brokers would not be able to
get it.  This would prevent preditory name grabbing for speculation or
for preventing other businesses use of a domain.  Generic domains
(ex: news.com) would be awarded by lottery or bid.

This same policy could be used even for new domains.

I would *not* broadcast which domains have been applied for to prevent
people from saying "Gee, that's a neat name.  Let me try for it too!"
and sending in a registration.  You wouldn't know if you were the only
registrant until the waiting period was over.

David.Schmidt () on-ramp ior com  Internet On-Ramp, Inc.    (509)624-RAMP (7267)
Spokane, Washington            http://www.ior.com/       (509)323-0116 (fax)

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