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Re: Suspension of reissuing deleted domain names
From: Daniel Senie <dts () proteon com>
Date: Wed, 09 Jul 1997 22:30:09 -0400

Edward Fang wrote:

I think this would be extremely unfair to legitimate domain registrants
who are truly interested in a name (and willing to pay the registration
fee) due to the random (and extreme) number of registrations that these
domain speculators are registering.  You are essentially putting a domain
name that has never been paid for for two years, because some speculator
registered it.  This would give the speculators even more reason to
extract the value of the name from someone who may want it - "If you don't
pay me, its gone for two years....."

Hmmm. Guess I was thinking it would only apply to domains that actually
already active, not ones that'd never gone live...

My concern was that a company whose registration hadn't gotten paid for,
whether due to error at the company or at the Internic, should not be
a possible target of extortion by speculators making a grab for their
domain name.

Guess I have to agree with other folks that domains should be PAID for
they appear in the root servers. Too much abuse otherwise.


On Wed, 9 Jul 1997, Daniel Senie wrote:

:With regards the issue of prospectors trying to grab deleted domains,
:perhaps the InterNIC should use a similar policy to what the FCC uses
:for radio callsigns (amateur radio, at least): Callsigns which are
:abandoned due to change of callsign, death, or expiration of the license
:are unavailable for re-issue for two years. This allows for the previous
:owner (if not dead) to reclaim the callsign (or a relative of the
:deceased to do so). It also helps avoid identity confusion.
:Seems like the same rules would make sense in the domain name context,
:and would avoid problems where billing errors or other problems dealing
:with the Internic could result in loss of a domain name.

Daniel Senie                  dts () openroute com
OpenROUTE Networks, Inc.      http://www.openroute.com/

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