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RE: Domain names and "The Network $olution", from The Netly News
From: "Wheeler, Jesse W" <jesse_wheeler () reyrey com>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 09:04:43 -0700

Sounds like an Oligarchy rather than a congress..

I am reminded by a quote, "Communism and Fascism looks
great on paper and in theory, its a wonderful system.  Try to
put it into practical use, and watch it crumble like a house of

We have a wonderful system right now, with a quasi-democratic
way-of-doing.  Why ruin that by giving control over to "big brother" 
(in this case, big business?).

Great.. Next time I log on, my PPP session will be SPONSORED
by Intel.. Scared of that..

Just my $.02.
Jesse W. Wheeler
Quality Assurance Analyst
Reynolds & Reynolds HSD-PDX
Email: Jesse_Wheeler () reyrey com 

From:  Declan McCullagh[SMTP:declan () pathfinder com]
Sent:  Thursday, July 10, 1997 8:53 AM
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Subject:       Domain names and "The Network $olution", from The Netly News

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Subject: FC: Domain names and "The Network $olution", from The Netly News



The Netly News Network (http://netlynews.com)
July 10, 1997

The Network $olution
by Declan McCullagh (declan () well com)

       It could have been the perfect way to liberate the Net from the
  much-reviled monopoly of Network Solutions Inc., the company that
  handles almost all U.S. domain name registrations. Backed by
  well-regarded groups such as the Internet Society, the seven-page
  proposal promised to reduce prices, increase choices -- and best of
  all, really put the screws to everyone's least favorite domain name
       But a month before the curtain is set to lift on a host of new
  domains to supplement .com and .org, the ambitious plan suddenly seems
  as doomed as the recently extirpated Communications Decency Act. Not
  only did just one government, Albania, sign the "Memorandum of
  Understanding" (MoU), but the U.S. actively opposed it. So did Network
  Solutions, after they realized with gut-wrenching dismay the
  consequences of losing their lucrative monopoly on .com.
       Yesterday another group of MoU critics met in Washington to form
  the Open Internet Congress, which hopes to wrest control of Net
  governance from "hobbyists" and "volunteers" and haul it into the
  mainstream. "I don't want a bunch of volunteers playing around and
  trying to run the show. I don't want petty battles over who's in
  charge and who's keeping the lights on," says Andrew Sernovitz, the
  president of the Association for Interactive Media, which organized
  the summit. Sernovitz envisions a ruthlessly commercialized cyberspace
  that's safe for companies like IBM, Intel, NBC and Time Warner
  (Netly's corporate big brother) that cough up $9,000 a year to be
  governing members of AIM.
       The talk yesterday was of revolution. Sernovitz spoke about
  holding an Internet "Constitutional Convention" this fall. He passed
  out supportive columns quoting from "Common Sense" by Thomas Paine. I
  even heard folks call the MoU the move that will spark the online
  equivalent of the Boston Tea Party. (Led, presumably, by firms like
  Time Warner? Since that media giant also owns CNN, you can be sure the
  revolution will indeed be televised.)


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