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Re: Mae-WEST
From: Karl Denninger <karl () Mcs Net>
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 23:14:25 -0500

On Fri, Jul 11, 1997 at 08:39:08PM -0700, Michael Dillon wrote:
At 8:20 PM -0400 7/11/97, Alex Rubenstein wrote:
According to nitrous.digex.net for its mae-west router:

card     inlet       hotpoint     exhaust
RSP(4)   26C/78F      38C/100F     44C/111F
This is the problem. MFS doesn't have proper cooling if the air if the
ambient air is this hot. It should be no higher than between 15C and 18C in
an equipment room like that.

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Michael, c'mon...

15-18C?  19C is 66F -- that's very acceptable.  15C would be 59F!

In fact, 68F (at 40% RH) is pretty "standard" for most equipment rooms.  
We're config'd for a setpoint of 67F +/- 1F and 40% RH +/- 3%.

One of our more heavily loaded 7513s shows at present:

 card     inlet       hotpoint     exhaust
RSP(6)   19C/66F      29C/84F      25C/77F

That's right where it should be.

BTW, exhaust temperature above hotpoint (which your stats show) is *not* a 
good thing.  I'd find out what's going on there -- you may have some kind 
of obstruction with the airflow.

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