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Re: mae-la
From: Robert Bowman <rob () elite exodus net>
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 20:34:07 -0700 (PDT)

Mae-LA has kicked off if you look at it this way:

1. Every provider there, that I am aware of, will peer with any other providers
connecting to Mae-LA.
2. Some of the biggest providers of colocation and access in the LA area are
present at Mae-LA:  Exodus, CerfNet, Genuity, Internex and LosNettos.
3. Even if the "big boys", as Bill put it, were present, you probably wouldn't
meet their peering guidelines by only being at Mae-LA, and therefore it
wouldn't make a difference anyways.
4. Being smaller than Mae-West and Mae-East, it doesn't have all the wonderful
problems like looped OC3 circuits, head-of-line blocking, long power outages
and people that are leaving their interfaces at 100% utilization.
5. Bill Manning has better statistics on his homepage than MFS does for the
other Maes. ;)

We have no plans on bailing out of Mae-LA anytime soon.  In fact, we've placed
an order to increase our connection from 10Mbps to a shared FDDI (as they don't
have enough traffic to justify a wonderfully HOL ridden Gigaswitch yet).

Exodus Communications Inc.


I'm curious about MAE-LA. It has the potential to be quiet big, but it
never really kicked off. We were considering linking there, but with only
13 other providers, we decided not too.

Does anyone know why MAE-LA never really kicked off?

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