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Re: root nameserver problems ?
From: "roy alcala" <roy () mci net>
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 08:26:33 -0400


Yes - too hasty - I wasn't thinking right :-) j-m shouldn't have been
on the list.

We don't like reloading our nameservers prematurely, but when things
like this happen, our NOC gets deluged with customer complaints very
quickly :-( If we hadn't taken action, most of our customers using MCI
nameservers for resolution purposes would still be unable to reach
large portions of the internet.  We really can't wait while these
nameservers get fixed.

Anyway, I'm glad there are already people working toward resolution of
this problem.

Thanks for the info !
                                - roy -

Roy, methinks you are a bit hasty here.  j-m have never had tlds present.
And the other servers are being corrected as we "speak".  But then, perhaps
you don't have a problem reloading your servers every couple hours or so... 


COM. and NET. zone files were corrupted.

a-g were affected by this corruption, h-i did not take the
corrupted update (perhaps they're otherwise broken), and j-m
do not serve the affected zones.

a was finally corrected at 6:55am, and admins of b-g
were asked to reload their zones. It appears that none
of said admins have done so to date.

J.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.     146428  A
K.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.     146428  A
L.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.     146428  A
M.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.     146428  A

should all be fine, so please remove them from your list.


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