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Re: question about per. hack
From: k claffy <kc () nlanr net>
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 01:14:41 -0700

  i think this is the first time.  i'm cc'ing NANOG since several folks there
  are wondering exactly why i think the FBI should get involved and why i think
  eugene kashpureff should be jailed.
unfortunately i think 
it's the FBI we need to convince
and i'm not sure they read nanog
  (i have the packet traces to prove all of the above, from multiple servers.)
you may be the one the FBI needs
to hear from then
  what i'm terribly confused about is why MCI won't just cut them off.  what
  alternic is doing is a violation of MCI's AUP, as well as of law and morality.

mmm,. . pretty words (really)

but as we all know by now, 
the current state of Internet stats collection
and our elegantly ambiguous role as 
regulate-or-tariff us-either-please-
renders it fairly non-trivial for MCI 
(or any other backbone provider, in fact MCI's 
probably closer then elseNSP) 
to provide the FBI with _proof_ that Eugene was 
using mci as his testosterone transport mechanism,
so even their oodles of well-dressed lawyers 
can't prove he's violating AUP 

and it's not like mci can demand to know
what box he's playing from, what his routing 
policy was at the time, etc.  if you'd like
to get a deposition from him, i'm sure mci
would gladly forward it to the feds.
or if your tcpdump packets incriminate him
adequately, that would likely help them too.

MCI can't do much unless law enforcement asks them to, 
which would require not only law enforcement w/clue
but also your log data proving the attacks used their pipes 
(if you're comfortable they're not violating
any not-really-existent-but-if-they-did-exist-
they'd-be-unenforceably-ambiguous-anyway privacy laws)

the internet just isn't there yet
(there = with enforceable and sensical laws;
i think we'll have to punt on morality)
and we're apparently in much more of a rush to
implement faster push technology and verifiable 
hit counts (for ad pricing schedules yum yum)
than integrity.  sigh++;

mci is not happy about it either
and is not Doing Nothing
but if you have something that would help -


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