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Re: Terminating many T1's
From: "Neil J. McRae" <neil () domino org>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 12:09:37 +0100

On Tue, 22 Jul 1997 22:07:01 -0400 (EDT) 
 Brian Horvitz <horvitz () websecure net> wrote:

Actually, up in Boston, MFS derives all their pricing by taking the Nynex
end-to-end price and subtracting a certain percentage (at least 10%).  I
may be mistaken but, I think they still do this even with the DS3 Hub.
You still pay two chan terms.  A Nynex chan term is about $200 so this
ends up being quite an expense.  The overall savings still makes it worth
while if you are going to sell a lot of T1s - if only for the headache,
you only need two aspirin at the end of the day instead of four.

The solution to this is for someone to make a Channelised SONET/SDH interface.

[I know more on SDH so I'll talk about that] SDH is a multiplexing technolodgy
and with SDH I could have one pair of fibres from an SDH MUX to my 
Ascend/Cisco/BAY box that had upto 60 E1 [2048 lines] on it using a 
virtual container. VC-12 for 2048K and VC-11 for 1544K [T1]. 
With this one could have around 100 T1's. The Telco could do the
routeing via Cross-connect and even deliver this service using SDH, one
would could also have this on looped SDH and 99% of the fiber breaks
that we see currently would simply go away. You could also pull
these circuits into standard E1/T1 muxes and make 30 64K channels on an
E1. The other great thing about this is that SDH and SONET are really easy
to manage.

SDH and SONET are multiplexing technolodgies and I wish the router
manufacturers would wake up and grab this idea.

I'm currently using ATM->FR mapping to do this with the Ascend GRF which
works reasonably well, apart from ATM ofcourse :-). We're putting lots 
of pressure on our suppliers to make the above happen. Ascend have a 
SONET card [with protection] for the GRF so things are going in the
right direction.

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