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Re: Non-ISP companies multi-homing?
From: Gordon Mercer <gmercer () dn net>
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 97 19:32:19 -0400

You wrote:
On Thu, 24 Jul 1997, Gordon Mercer wrote:

You wrote:

Without the ISP having total control over the
customer router, a misconfiguration of filters on
the customer side could easily cause the customer
to be a valid (and 1 hop) path in the tables from
ISP A to ISP B. Doesn't sound like a possibility I
would be willing to have hanging over my head.

Well, since my bandwidth is necessary for my
business, I think I'd be much more concerned about
becomming the valid route than my upstreams, if they
get better routing through me, it's not necessarily a
bad thing for them unless they're concerned about me
snarfing traffic.

They've also got to worry about your bandwidth, which  
could become a big issue depending on the size of the
two providers involved.

If they've oversold their provisioning, then yes, they
would, but I can't see how other than that they would.
Perhaps I'm missing something? In my particular case, my
upstreams are UUNet and BBN, and I've been particularly
happy with the current arrangement.

I think I see where the miscommunication lies. We were  
discussing ISP's running IBGP sessions with multi-homed  
customers. giving you the ability to announce routes to  
another provider tagged with my AS is what makes me  

Are you announcing routes to BBN as AS 701? or to UUNet  
from AS 1?

Besides that, becoming a valid shortest path between two  
providers that do more traffic between them than your link  
to either of them can handle IS dangerous for them,  
because it restricts their other customers' ability to  
talk to each other.

If one of my customers had 'router bgp 7019' somehwere in  
their router configs, I wouldn't sleep well at night.




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