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RE: AS8584 taking over the internet
From: Goldstein_William () bns att com
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 98 23:52:11 -0400

PSINet recently announced free private peering for any ISP buying

How might this affect the frequency of AS8584-type problems?
Bill Goldstein
Senior Internet Specialist
wgoldstein () att com

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   From: Joe Provo - Network Architect <jprovo () ultra net>
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   To: nanog () merit org
   Subject: Re: AS8584 taking over the internet
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   > I believe that the implication was that: 1) they're not directly
   > connected to any of the major _US_ backbones, and 2) they're on the
   > other end of a fairly thin hose.
   > And they can _still_ hose things this badly.
   > This speaks not well of the architecture involved.
   No, no, it speaks _well_ for the architecture - equal opportunity
   hosage!  There is no backone-hasage cabale; all that enter into bgp
   relationships can have a shot at hurting the net...
     - yes, filters are Good.  customers, especially if new to
       things, should have both as-path and prefix filters placed
       them.  the questions to ask oneself regarding peers is "how
       are they, really?  and do their procedures allow only these
       into the boxes?  am I willing to tie my performance/reliability/
       reputation to theirs in this intimate a fashion? are my bosses
       willing to do so? "  People like to think in terms of the first 
       question, not the last two.
     - yes, the IRR is good (and yes, their PGP implementation works);
       giving third parties the ability to verify your organization's
       "routing intent" cannot be construed as bad -- the data is
       visible.  there's nothing to hide.
     - yes, filtering doesn't mean not pushing IRR (or other forms of 
       distributed data) on folks. IRR (or ...) doesn't mean not trying
       to more closely tie authentication/verification vs realtime;
       tools are config-only, which aren't dynamic enough for the real

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