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Re: Two renumbering questions
From: "Mark Borchers" <markb () infi net>
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 09:08:51 +0000

On 29 Apr 98 at 22:40, John R Levine wrote:

1.  I have a /24 SWIPed to me,  The ARIN listing doesn't say
it's non-portable, so can I take it with me?  And if I do, how likely is it
that the new ISP's announcement will get installed in backbone routers
rather than filtered for being too long?  It's right in the middle of the old
upstream's block 205.238.192/18. 

If you *own* the block, you can do anything you want with it. 

Well, there's the question -- I have no idea who owns it.  Look it up in 
ARIN, it says it's mine, but with contact info from epix, the old upstream. 
Again, though, even if I own it, if the announcements don't make it into the
backbone it's not very useful, and I gather that some backbones now filter at
/19 except for the swamp. 

"Ownership" is not the word to be using.

The 205.238.192/18 is ALLOCATED to Epix.  Meaning: the are authorized 
to use the addresses or to assign them to someone else to use.

The /24 is probably ASSIGNED to you.  Meaning:  you can be an end 
user of the addresses.

The /18 is not registered with ARIN as non-portable, so the 
portability call is exclusively up to the administrator of that 

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