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Re: Microsoft offering xDSL access
From: ^Faust^ <faust () grift com>
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 11:12:40 -0800

Geoff White wrote:

Well my understanding here in PacBell/SBC land is that the way it will
work, (this comes from someone who made a naieve inquiry to another
equally naieve saleperson at PacBell/SBC), is that you need to connect to
PacBell's ATM backbone in order to order xDSL (the person just wanted to
connect from their home to the office), when I heard this I though it was
totally absurd but the truth, as they say is far stranger :)

Why is this absurd? You think coolocating routers at COs is less absurd?
Aggregating DSL traffic in a DSLAM and pumping it out via ATM is the
right way to do things.

(If I totally misunderstood and you are saying that using *ATM* is absurd, then
don't bother to reply. I'm an atheist.)

What the salesguy was saying but (he really didn't know it) and what I
found out from a little digging is that PacBell's intent is to only sell
xDSl to CLECs ! So then it all makes sense, you need a router that
connects to their ATM cloud, then they just route the traffic from their
copper on over to your routers and presto! You are an xDSL enabled ISP!

This is crap. Covad, Brainstorm, DNAI, etc. are CLECs?! I don't think so. Yet
they seem to be able to offer xDSL using P*B.

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