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Re: PMTU-D: remember, your load balancer is broken
From: Andrew Brown <twofsonet () graffiti com>
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 00:14:43 -0400

The 576 value of the MS PPP MTU is merely a default - it can be
changed with a registry hack.

Expecting the tens of millions of novice computer users to set their
systems for a 1500 byte MTU is irrational.  Those who are knowledgeable
enough to do so are generally reducing it due to "speed up your modem"
articles and programs which improve interactive performance at the
expense of throughput.

i think you have two things confused.  raising the mtu will "speed up
the modem" since you get more data for less overhead, however
*lowering* the mtu will increase interactivity, since each packet is
smaller, the transmit time is shorter, so the next one can get in/out
sooner.  you stand a better chance of getting a "word" in edgewise if
the other guy is using smaller "phrases".

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