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Re: Laptops as servers?
From: Jason Legate <jlegate () alienchick com>
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 12:55:08 -0700

I spoke with someone who helped design the t1's, and he said that the t1
100 is -48VDC, and that it "supposedly can be done with car batteries,
but I wouldn't know how".


On Thu, Jun 15, 2000 at 01:54:05AM -0400, Derrick wrote:

I know it's not a laptop but,

We recently started looking at some of the new Sun Netra T1's they are fast,
1u high, come in 110AC or 12 (maybe 24 I forget offhand) volts DC. They are
real workhorses and perform great for the size and all. If you configure it
with low memory (sun gets a lot of cash for their memory) they are pretty
cost effective. I know that valinux has some small 2u boxes but don't know
if they have any dc versions.


I don't work for sun. In fact I would like to see a generic version of these
I could run BSD on.

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One thing I know to watch for is periodic battery replacement. It
turns out
that running a laptop with a battery in it with AC on all the
time will slowly
erode the life of the battery. I have no way to know how long you
can do this
before the batteries won't do what you were expected. Maybe a battery
replacement every couple years is all it takes.

The other is that the I/O on laptops sucks compared to PCI. For
things that
aren't major traffic handlers (like your DNS and DHCP examples)
this is not a
hit. Do any of the O/Ss out there get full rate out of a 100bT PC card?


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