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Re: using IRR tools for BGP route filtering
From: <dhudes () hudes org>
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 18:18:47 -0400 (EDT)

Communities. Ask sprint (or look in the IRR) about the communities they
have configured in their announcements.
At least they probably have
*backbone -- their own network

a transit customer, such as you, would get all 3. A peer would get the 1st
two. You configure the local-pref for the sprint customer community to go
to sprint. Ditto for BBN if you have their service.

On Mon, 19 Jun 2000, Peter Francis wrote:

My mistake in the original post.

I am looking for the list of (for instance) customers of Sprint that are purely "downstream" of Sprint.

Now that I think about there may not be any easy way to distinguish between a small ISP that is multi-homed to Sprint 
and some other provider (their traffic I would want to send to Sprint) and BBN (who also appear to be one AS hop 
behind Sprint from my networks perspective and whose traffic I do not want to send to Sprint.)

I know I can come up with a list of "major" backbone AS's and filter their traffic off by hand but I was looking for 
a "cleaner" solution by using the IRR.

I hope that clarifies what I am trying to accomplish.


At 2:35 PM -0700 6/19/00, Joe Rhett wrote:
How would one extract the following information from the IRR:

the list of AS's which are non-transit customers of a given backbone provider

Wish upon a star?

If they are non-transit customers, then their networks won't be announced
outside of that provider's own network. So unless you can access that
provider's own BGP tables directly you can't know this information.

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