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Re: decreased caching efficiency?
From: Jason Slagle <raistlin () tacorp net>
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 18:01:26 -0400 (EDT)

Jason Slagle - CCNA - CCDA
Network Administrator - Toledo Internet Access - Toledo Ohio
- raistlin () tacorp net - jslagle () toledolink com - WHOIS JS10172
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On Fri, 20 Oct 2000, Dana Hudes wrote:

Yes I do. I don't have rights to spew ads on other peoples content,
but my content is mine. I can have the page refuse to display without
the ads if I so choose.

Sure, you have the right so spew them on your page, but I have the right
to not view them if I don't want to see them.  I looked at your page and
no where do I see a mention of the fact I HAVE to view the ad to see the
picture.  I see a request that I do so in the statusbar.

No, it doesn't delay unless the ads are delayed. If the ads come right up the photo loads right away.
Otherwise (due to JavaScript issues that prevent use of an event-driven model) the script checks frequently to see if 
the ads are up.
People with slow computers that have current browsers and o/s with inadequate RAM experience slow display. 

My content is my property not yours.

Not arguing that.

More and more frequently there has been this drive for cheap bandwidth to
the homes.  The margins on cablemodem/DSL from what I can tell are VERY
low and caching plays a large part in making it possible from the models
I've ran (We are not yet into broadband, but should be within a month or
3).  Are you willing to pay a premium for uncached service?  I'll surely
provide it to you if you are.  But, when you want 1.5mbs down for $40 a
month, you can pretty much guarntee that I'm going to do whatever I can to
limit the amount of traffic to you that leaves my network.


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