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Re: Service Provider Exchange requirements
From: bmanning () vacation karoshi com
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2000 22:34:29 +0000 (UCT)

I'll give a few more hints as to what I'm looking for.. 

        Did you answer my questions?  :)

How about ethernet versus ATM?  With VLANs and high speed such as
Gig/10Gig, I can get speed and one to many arrangements (at least for
lower speeds).  Should Ethernet be point to point or optionally
multiaccess in nature?  

        ATM is a fine edge technology for lower speed access.
        Ethernet is inherently "multiaccess" (can you say CSMA-CD?)

Or, what about MPLS?  With MPLS, service provider connections can be
established without concern for underlying media (e.g., ethernet,

        Interoperable MPLS from hundreds of vendors?  Yeah right.
        IP on the other hand, has been implemented on everything
        from x25, ham-radio, Frame, ATM, leasedline, avian carrier,
        wet string, lamda, and many other "underlying" media. I 
        hear seismic waves are under test.

Is Diff-Serv or ATM QoS a requirement or can 85-90% of requirements
be met with loss/latency service as the baseline?

        Overprovisioning solves nearly all QoS concerns. There are
        very few QoS requirements.

What special arrangements should be made for hosting (e.g., local
caching or streamers)?  Yes, I'm stretching here a bit.

        Reassure your exchange clients that you are -NOT- in
        direct competition with them.

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From: bmanning () vacation karoshi com
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Sent: Sunday, October 22, 2000 5:24 PM
To:   mduckett () bellsouth net
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Subject:      Re: Service Provider Exchange requirements

What switching and/or service characteristics would you require
such that  an exchange point would be desirable (e.g., media types,
switch fabric,  route servers, multicast services, SLAs, ..)?

Kind of depends on what you want out of your exchange and who your
target marrket(s) are. Factor in budgets, (financial, space,
and you should have winnowed down the conceivable to the likely.


- --bill

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