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RE: The DSL business model
From: "Daniel Golding" <dan () netrail net>
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 15:54:07 -0400

There is a simple solution for redundancy - buy redundant T-1 lines, run
BGP, route a large enough block of space to be globally routable. This is
like complaining that you can only get a Yugo for $8K instead of a Porche.
You want the Porche, pay the cash. You want to spend $50 a month for DSL,
live with the limitations of the technology and the product offering.
Providers can't afford to provide DSL for the current $$$, with the present

T-1's are cheap these days, compared to a few years back.

- Daniel Golding

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Not to mention that if you're looking to do BGP, most providers won't
think of letting you run BGP over anything that's not at least a T1. When
I was at Intermedia, we didn't even let customer do BGP over
frame relay -
they had to have a fractional T1 service at minimum.


The technology that can be faulted, and I sincerely apologize
for not being
clear enough on this, is that which prevents adequate redundancy at the
end-nodes. The fact that 100,000 businesses can get lopped off
by a single
provider business failure is pretty sad. I've tried, for over a
year, to get
redundant uplinks to an alternate provider (ISDN backup to xDSL). CIDR,
prefix filtering, and cluelessness nail that effort every time.
It doesn't
seem to matter that I am more than willing to pay for it. It
simply isn't
available. But, it should be (I don't mean tinker-toy methods either).
Before CIDR, it was. The past few quarters has shown how
necessary it is.
Guys, this is a huge market gap, why isn't anyone filling it?

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