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Why are you all still here? (Was Re: Stealth Blocking)
From: mike () biggorilla com
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 10:33:48 -0500

Having been a long time lurker (few years) and now a first time poster,
I'm shocked this thread has lasted so long.  Besides the fact the
proverbial horse is begging from his grave for it to stop, my
understanding is this doeesn't belong on here to begin with.

MAPS, ORBS, and the like are resources utilized by *endsystems*
(http://www.nanog.org/endsystem.html).  Network providers, IMHO, have no
business filtering mail between endsystems, unless that network provider
is handling the mail for the endsystem (and thefore is still an endsystem
issue).  If network providers were filtering mail at the network level,
then maybe you would have an appropriate conversation for here, but I
don't believe that is currently happening.

I have enough opinions (and I'm never afraid to voice opinions) about SPAM
and the methods used to fight it to probably bore you all to death (if you
aren't already there) but this isn't the place.

And Shawn (and those who think this way), as (me) a member of the peanut
gallery, I would respond to your comment below with the the response that
most of the peanut gallery probably stopped listening on this thread long

Mike Jones
mike () biggorilla com

* Shawn McMahon (smcmahon () eiv com) [05/23/01 23:22]:
The responses are to convince the peanut gallery, because the fact is that
the vast majority of those reading this (or any) mailing list are not
posting, and many of them are undecided on any issue that comes up.

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