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Re: Now:Power/Generators (Was: Re[2]: telehouse - 25 broadway)
From: Lincoln Dale <ltd () interlink com au>
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 17:16:40 -0700

At 07:20 PM 16/09/2001 -0400, David Lesher wrote:
Unnamed Administration sources reported that Lincoln Dale said:
>   - Gas is typically harder to store lots of than Diesel.  LOTS harder.
>     one of the 'nice' properties of Diesel is that it doesn't catch fire
> easily. (except under extreme
>     temperature or extreme pressure, or both).
>     you most definitely cannot say the same thing about Gas.

Yes, Diesel is more benign that gasoline/petrol or LPG/natural gas.
(It's not clear which you mean given international variations
in English..)

yes - i went back and re-edited parts of my message to make it more american. i guess i missed some. my bad.

in this part of the world:
 what we call "Petrol", you call "Gas".
 (likewise, what we call "Petroleum", you call "Gasoline").

what we call "Gas" typically means "Natural Gas" or "LPG". not "Gas" in your sense (Petrol/Gasonline).

But note Diesel is the close brother to another substance...

Jet fuel is literally #1 Diesel /aka kerosene. So once it's lit,
the flashpoint is equally moot.

Jet Fuel is a fuel with very tight specifications (by the IATA no less). it is a mix of Kerosene with other materials (Gasoline and Naphtha typically) such that it has particular net-calorific values, specific flash-point and freezing values and vapour pressures.
these are a lot more regulated than what you'd find with Diesel.

it is NOT Diesel.

yes, one could call Diesel and Jet Fuel cousins of one-another. but that is like calling Lubricating Oil a cousin of Diesel.



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