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Re: Re: World Trade Center attack
From: Frank Coluccio <fcoluccio () dticonsulting com>
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 18:06:06 GMT

Teleport Communications Group, which was acquired by ATT Local Network Services, 
has/had its Main NY City node in the sixth sub-basement of No. 1 WTC. Almost all 
of this [with the exception of some of the private, proprietary builds (escon, 
gbe) for some financial customers] is/was SONETized and self-healing and/or a-b 
mirrored in 60 Hudson and other large nodes in NY and NJ.

how close is the site of the trade center to 60 Hudson? i've looked at my
map of NYC, and it could be pretty close, or could be a little ways away.

about half a mile or so north.

there is a good chance that any fiber running past the site is toast,
and of course, the odds of getting a connection using the local PSTN
in Manhattan are essentially zero right now.

in my experience so far, the internet is slow in places, but still

does anyone remember using irc during the gulf war?

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