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Re: telehouse - 25 broadway
From: "Barton F Bruce" <barton () cent net>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 19:48:24 -0400

A typical big CAT blows OUT through the radiator and away from the block.

You actually may want a high capacity non-cloging fog nozzle aimed through
the fan blasted at the radiator. There will be a lot of evaporation. THAT is
very good from a cooling point of view, but you don't want the radiator
growing a layer of insulating mineral deposits either. Evaporative cooling
will do a LOT more cooling than just pissing the same amount as hot water
down the drain

The very fine mist helps keep mineral dist tiny and hopefully it will
blow/wash away. Also a large fine mist is less apt to shock cool and crack
any cast iron than a solid stream would.

The corner hardware store generic hose nozzle set on a modest flow with
reasonably fine mist is your best bet quickly, but can clog.
Set too fine, and you won't get the volume you need.

Longer term and maybe just for grins, look at the Bete cork screw nozzles
(http://www.bete.com/products/app/misting.htm). You see them on snow making
machines, in the upper corners of the sealed booth on X-files where cutting
the black-ooze rock killed the FBI lab guy, and of course on the coating
lines where M&Ms get colored. Alomst impossible to clog, too.

If it isn't a major installation screwup (ducts to small, etc), fix whatever
is wrong. Belts loose?

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From: "dennis opacki" <dopacki () adotout com>
To: "Sean Donelan" <sean () donelan com>
Cc: <nanog () merit edu>
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2001 6:24 PM
Subject: Re: telehouse - 25 broadway

..if you want to risk cracking the block.. :/

I hope they clean the filters and change the oil while it is down, though.


On 13 Sep 2001, Sean Donelan wrote:

On Thu, 13 September 2001, Rob Mosher wrote:

well their generator overheated.  no power at the facility

YMMV, this is not professional advice.  If this was professional
advice, it would be accompanied by an invoice.

Speaking with a mechanical engineer, he suggested you may be
able to restore some generator operation by continiously running
a water/hose over the outside of the radiator.  Not so much to
clean it, but to act as once-through heat transfer to cool the

I hope you can get it going again.

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