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Re: Fun new policy at AOL
From: Richard D G Cox <Richard () mandarin com>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 17:35:20 +0100

On 28 Aug 2003 16:07 UTC Matthew Crocker <matthew () crocker com> wrote:

| AOL for example could require ISPs to meet certain criteria before
| they are allowed direct connections.  ISPs would need to contact AOL,
| provide valid contact into and accept some sort of AUP (I shall not
| spam AOL...) and then be allowed to connect from their IPs. AOL could
| kick that mail server off later if they determine they are spamming.

If you replace "AOL" with some body or set of bodies, unrelated to
(but trusted by) large numbers of networks, then you have what I regard
as the only ultimately workable solution to the present situation.

The devil is in the details - finding and trusting such bodies: however
it may be that they are already amongst us but under a different name!

Richard Cox

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