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Proper Protocol for Dealing with Unresponsive Contacts?
From: Patrick Muldoon <doon () inoc net>
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 10:13:25 -0400

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What is the proper way to deal with a company that is unresponsive to any form 
of contact. IE they have outdated information on their ip assignments, bounce 
every piece of e-mail that I send? (including postmaster@ which is where the 
bounce message come from).

Here is the situation I am facing. We just registered a new domain 
(tigerny.net/com) for a project we are working on . It appears that a 
company, in this case Tigerfund.com has a Microsoft Domain called TIGERNY.  
Well due to the the helpful setting in Windows that says register this 
connection in dns (Or something along those lines). We are now seeing 1000's 
of failed update attempts to our nameservers per day from all of the 
Tri-State area, mostly cable-modem networks, but also coming from  AS5703, as 
these machines try in vain to update the dns information. 

As None of the contact information is correct, I have yet to be able to 
contact a human being, in an attempt to get this corrected. 

What should my next steps be? My thought is to  go to their upstream (AS8112) 
and try to get contact through them.   If it was just a a couple places that 
this traffic was being sourced from I would just null route them, but since 
it is all over the place, mostly coming from dynamic ip blocks in RR and 
Cablevision's cable modem networks, it makes blocking it at our edge rather 
difficult, if not impossible. 

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

- -Patrick 

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Patrick Muldoon
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