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Re: East Coast outage?
From: hackerwacker () tarpit cybermesa com
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 11:01:29 -0600 (MDT)

On Saturday 16 August 2003 04:54 pm, Having folded space, the Third Stage 
Guild Navigator said:
Thus spake "Petri Helenius" <pete () he iki fi>

subsidize) local power generation via renewable energy sources 
solar, wind, hydro) it would go a long way towards solving this



If in order to make it viable such energy needs to be subsidized 


not "affordable".

And solar nor wind are good for base energy production so we´re stuck
with other methods unless you want to move IP packets only when it´s

Or you store excess power generated on windy/sunny days for later
distribution on calm/rainy days:

That still ignores tidal, hydro, and geothermal power, which are 
24x7.  And let's not forget ethanol, which is easy to make from excess 
crops and has already replaced gasoline entirely in a few countries.

Use hydrogen. One solar panel (which will last forever unless you drop 
something on it) can split H2O into H and O. Store the H for windless days 
or at night. Feed this to a turbine for electricity and recover heat for hot 
water, store it in a heat sink, ect. Or feed the H into a fuel cell & 
strip off the electron volts. Now a home user can produce  wattage to 
supply power for his neighbors. The amount of power to be had via these 
hydrogen processes is huge. Now, try to take out this decentralized power 
system. You can't, at least not on the scale we saw last week.

The by-products of this are water and Oxygen. Hydrogen is our new battery.
Please don't go on about it's storage dangers ! LPG (bottle gas) has been 
used for quite some time and the safety is . We all drive mobile hydrogen 
bombs, and show no concern.

The only problem is that the Oil men are in charge. They want to pipe NG 
to houses and have us crack NG into hydrogen. Cut the cord !

To stay on topic, consider the long term savings in generating DC 
directly, via a clean source, instead of converting AC to DC at colos.
We pay dearly for the amps on those A and B legs. Replace the multiple 
utility service feeds, gennys, batt rooms, and DC chargers with a 
hydrogen feed turbine for each leg. Recover the heat for cooling.

< end of rant by long haired *nix based hippie >

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