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Re: To send or not to send 'virus in email' notifications?
From: Patrick Muldoon <doon () inoc net>
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 08:55:58 -0400

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On Thursday 21 August 2003 12:08 am, David Schwartz wrote:
      One of my pet peeves is anti-virus programs that detect a virus by name,
so they should know that it always spoofs the sender address, still sending
messages referring to the "message you sent". I wonder if people receive
those, scan for viruses, and then when they don't find one, do one of the

      1) Take their computer to a computer store and pay for needless 'repairs',

      2) Reinstall/reformat rather than take chances.

        3)Call up their Geeky son and panic...
On this subject, my major pet peeve would be that at least 85% of the bounce 
messages that I have seen coming back here, don't contain enough information 
to figure out where the Original Message came from. How very nice of you to 
tell me that my FreeBSD laptop is sending on  A Windows Virus. Maybe if you 
gave back the headers of the message, I could have a chance of guessing which 
of the unlucky people that has my e-mail in their address book might be 
infected.  Or when previously mentioned panicing Dad calls up, we can figure 
out which one of his friends has it. But my vote is still a flag in the 
avscanner that says virus forges from/ don't e-mail ...

- -Patrick

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